How To Take Care Of Parents Wen Dem Don Old

How To Take Care Of Parents Wen Dem Don Old

Na d role of parents to take care of dia young ones but as dem dey grow old, dat one fit no be d case all d time. How to take care of parents wen dem don old dey very important. As children dey take old, na so our parents sef dey old. So no think sey becos dem be parents, dem go young forever.

Dis British- Nigerian Actor wen dem call John Boyega, reali surprise him parents dem wen he buy mansion for dem inside London. Na perfect example of how to take care of parents wen dem don old be dis.

How to take care of parents wen dem don old

Actor John Boyega Buy Mansion For Him Parents.

De 27 years old actor,make him fans dem happy. He post throwback video of d exact time wen he tell him parents say he buy mansion for them.

For inside de video wen dem share for social media, he carry him parents go one house, dem come siddon dey wait for d interview wen dem been tell dem make dem come do. Na so Boyega, wen be dia pikin come tell dem say, he been deceive dem say make dem come do interview. Say na dem wen be him Mama and Papa he buy d house give.

As John Boyega buy mansion  for him parents, d gesture reali touch dem so tey dem too cry. Dem been no expect sey dia pikin go fit do dat kain big tin for dem. D surprise on top dia faces, still dey make social media buzz.

For statement wen he give, Gboyega talk say, "I say thank you to una wen be my parents for evrithin wen una don do. E no get any interview wen una come do. Na una house be dis so." Boyega tell him parents dem say na dis prayer na im make am reach where he dey so.

Parents Dey Take Care Of Dem Pikin For Old Age

D  way wen African society take be, as parents if yu think say yur work don end wen yu send yur pikin go school finish, na lie!

Plenti parents, even wen dem don old, still dey take care of dia children because of d way wen d society and economy take be.

How to take care of parents wen dem don old


Wetin dey make parents quick old

D point wen all children must grow commot for house na normal thing even for Africa. Although e dey very common make yu see one or two wen go still stay back for house.

Na dat time wen evribody don commot for house dey face dia own life, na dere wahala dey burst so.

For our old parents wen don dey used to caring for demselves, e go come be problem because as dem dey age, e get certain things wen dem no go fit do again.

Oda tins wey go fit dey do dem na isolation, loneliness and boredom.

Caring for parents wen don dey old na numba 1 priority for dia pikin dem. Even if yu pay somebodi make e come take care of yur dem for yu, yu no go dey satisfied as yu go still dey worried weda dem dey care for dem well or not.

No matter as yu take busy reach, find time to visit yur parents dem.


How yu fit take care of parents wen dem don old

How to take care of parents wen dem don old

Society today don make am be say evribody must to work, weda you be man or woman. To come take care of old parents wen matter be like dis fit give yu serious problem.  Yu fit still dey veri productive for yur working place while yu dey take care of parents wen dem don old.  Na now dem need all d care, love and attention wen yu get to give dem.

Wetin yu fit dey do for dem

  • Yur old parents go wan stay dia own house. If na story building dem dey, make yu find house wen dey more appropraite for dem make dem stay.
  • As dem dey old, e get some things wen dem no go fit do for demselves. Things like bathing, eating, sweeping. Pay person to help dem clean house and wash cloth.
  • If yu get moni, make yu pay for professional care giver wen go fit take care of dem even if yu nor dey dia.
  • Encourage yur parents make dem come yur house.
  • If you get pikin, make you dey carry dem go dia house. Na wetin go fit still keep dem alive be dat.
  • Maintain frequent contact. Telecommunication don make am easy. Do video calls make dem dey see yur face.
  • Make dem feel sey dem still dey veri relevant to yu and yur children.
  • Make yu dey visit yur aged parents as yur power fit carry am. If dem dey stay close to yu, visit dem pass as yu dey do before.


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