Best Way To Take Run For Labour When Time Never Reach

Best Way To Take Run For Labour When Time Never Reach

E get how woman go do wey pikin go catch am when time never reach. Oyibo say na premature labour. Woman need to dey very careful. We wan Tell you how.

Mama, when you get belle you get plenty plenty tins wey go dey disturb you. But the last tin wey you go put for mind na premature labour. E dey very important for you make you sabi as you go take run for premature labour naturally. So you go fit born pikin wey dey kampe wen time to born don come. E go help you reduce all those problem wey dey do mama and as you dey born and after you don born.

Wetin Be Premature Labour Sef?

Best Way To Take Run For Labour When Time Never Reach

Premature labour na wen woman born her pikin before 37 weeks of gestational age. Doctor dem say de ripe time na wen the belle don reach 37 weeks. That time the pikin don develop well well and e go fit survive life outside the belle. Premature labour dey happen if contraction go open the cervix between week 20 and week 37 of the belle.

Sometime woman dey get premature labour because of different things wey fit happen. And the matter dey turn to premature born. For here, we go tell you 11 natural things wey you fit do to take dey healthy, you and your pikin join. These 11 tips dey useful on how to prevent premature labour naturally. 

11 Natural Things Wey Go Help You Run For Premature Labour

Follow Your Doctor Talk

Best Way To Take Run For Labour When Time Never Reach

If your pikin don come quick before, tabi premature labour don do you before, talk to your doctor. The reason na say the risk go dey big dey go. Your doctor go fit dey monitor you to make sure say you dey collect de best care.

Drink water well well

Many woman nor dey too drink water when dem get belle. If water no dey for your body, e fit cause contraction wey fit lead to premature labour. Dey always dey hydrated. Drink water

Take your supplements

E dey very very important make you dey take good quality vitamins wen you get belle to support de belle so you go fit dey get all dem nutrient wey you need. Nutrient deficiency fit cause chemical imbalance for de body, and dat one fit lead to premature labour.

Watch your diet 

Best Way To Take Run For Labour When Time Never Reach

De food wey you dey chop get direct impact for you and your pikin body. If you dey sound for health or your diet no balance dat one fit lead to pregnancy related conditions like gestational diabetes wey fit could cause premature labour. Increase probiotic bacteria (dem “good” bacteria wey dey your inside your mouth) as you dey take food like natural yogurt, sauerkraut, and kefir. Dem be good good source for probiotics wey fit reduce de colonisation of bad bacteria for de vagina.

Dey try waka

One of de best exercises wey you fit do na to dey waka. E go helep make your heart to dey pump at a healthy rate and e dey also improve blood circulation.

Do prenatal yoga 

Best Way To Take Run For Labour When Time Never Reach

Na teacher dem wey get experience dey teach dese classes. Dem fit helep you improve your flexibility and yoga dey very good for your blood circulation too.

Empty your bladder

To dey hold piss for body dey put pressure for your abdomen and e fit inflame your bladder, lead to bacteria infection, and affect your uterus. Na good idea if you fit dey use de bathroom well well.

Nor dey take your back lie down

Best Way To Take Run For Labour When Time Never Reach

Dem advise say make you dey lie on your left side wen you dey sleep as e dey improve blood circulation. To dey lie for your back fit put pressure for your spine and e fit stretch de uterus.

Take warm bath

Warm bath around 36 degree Celsius go sharperly calm your body and relax your muscles. Dis na really great way to take calm your uterus for dem evenings wen you dey feel tension.

Treat yourself

Best Way To Take Run For Labour When Time Never Reach

Go for pregnancy massage or enta spa. E good make your body and mind dey relax, e go comot stress for your body.

Dey listen to your body

Nor dey do heavy heavy activities wey go fit put pressure for your abdomen and wey fit cause you great fatigue. Make sure say you dey take enough rest and allow your body to adjust during pregnancy.

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Written by

Tony S Abiodun