Baby suffocated to death in childcare centre, caught on CCTV

Baby suffocated to death in childcare centre, caught on CCTV

This is every parent's nightmare.

When working mums go back to work, sometimes we don’t have a choice but to send our children to daycare. It is something we are reluctant to do as parents, but with very little choices, we proceed with entrusting our child into someone else’s care. But you might be wondering how to tell if a childcare centre is good.

We’ve heard so many horrifying stories lately on accidents and mishaps in daycare centres that happened and it’s still happening globally.

how to tell if a childcare centre is good

Looking for the right childcare centre is one of the main concerns for parents who are going back to work. | Source: Pixabay

Recently, an 11-month-old boy suffocated to death in a childcare centre in Taiwan. Reports say the babysitter is responsible for the baby’s death for hugging him to sleep.

According to Taiwan News, the babysitter was just trying to get him to sleep. The 40-year-old woman told the police that he was an active baby, so she hugged him to coax him to take an afternoon nap.

How to tell if a childcare centre is good: Avoid accidents like this

She was seen wrapping her arms around the boy’s head and slinging her leg over his bottom as he laid on a sleeping mat. With his face tucked against her body and being pinned down, the toddler can be seen trying to struggle free.

He tried to free himself of the sitter’s hold by wiggling his arms and body, but she continues to hold him in a tight embrace, giving little or no room to breathe.

how to tell if a childcare centre is good

How to tell if a childcare centre is good: Avoid accidents like this. The babysitter can be seen lying on top of the boy on CCTV. | Source: Asiaone

The babysitter only let go of the boy when he stopped moving after 19 minutes, to attend to other children. She did not seem aware that she had smothered him to death.

The motionless boy went unnoticed until a kitchen staff tried to wake him during snack time at 2 pm. By then, 40 minutes had gone by. When she turned him over to his side, she discovered that his skin had turned purple and his body had become stiff. Alarmed, she hurriedly called for help and a nurse performed CPR on the boy.

It was too late

Paramedics arrived a few minutes later and rushed him to the nearest hospital, but it was already too late. He had stopped breathing and had no pulse. 

The parents of the child were horrified with what they saw and demanded that the infant care centre provide them with justice. The heartbroken mother told Taiwanese media that the babysitter had tried to apologise to the family, but it won’t bring back her only child.

The babysitter is currently being investigated for a case of negligent homicide.

Though we cannot prevent such accidents from happening, we can take precaution in choosing a proper and reputable childcare centre.

How to tell if a childcare centre is good

how to tell if a childcare centre is good

Here are tips on how to tell if a childcare centre is good.

1. Find out how many staff members work at the childcare centre

Staff-child ratio is something that must be taken into serious consideration. In South Africa, according to the Department of Social Development: Guidelines for Daycare, the ratios differ for different age group and the space of the premises. They are as follows:

  • House ( mixed age groups) 1:6
  • House with additional structures on residential property, daycare centre or hall:

0-18 months  1:

19 months – 3 years 1: 15

3 years 1 month – 6 years 1:25

After school centre- 1 :35

Ratios assessed according to space as laid out in the premises category.

2. Inspect the childcare centre

When you visit the childcare centre, you will be able to see how they operate. Ensure hygiene standards are met. Make sure you are comfortable with the place before committing.

3. What are their communication practices

Some childcare centres offer you access to their CCTVs directly, while others send daily reports to you. Depending on which you are most at ease with, make sure communication practices are transparent and up to your expectations.

4. Read mummies reviews online

Other mummies out there will be happy to share their experiences with the childcare centre online. Pose a question in a group or ask your community of mummy friends for their reviews. This will give you a good idea of how good the place is.

SOURCE: Taiwan News

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