How To Tell If Your Teenager is Having Sex

How To Tell If Your Teenager is Having Sex

When puberty hits, teenagers often make the wrong choices. They are not entirely to blame, this is when they become more body-conscious and their sex hormones develop. The technological advancements in the world have ensured that children have access to information that did not use to be readily available. As a parent who wants to guide their children to make responsible choices, there are signs that tell if your teenager is having sex.

Signs Your teenager is having sex

Ask your teenager

When teenagers start having sex, there are signs in their behaviour that give them away. In order to be certain, these are steps you can take and observations to keep in mind.

  • Ask Your Teenager

Operating on a “don’t ask - don’t tell" policy with teenagers may not end well. One of the ways to know if your teenager is having sex is by asking her directly. However, you have to be careful about your choice of words. In addition, you should be well prepared for the response. If you ask them in a way that is threatening or critical, they might choose to lie to you out of fear.

  • Check for Signs of Sexual Activity

The presence of condoms or contraceptives is an indication of sexual activity. It does not exactly mean that they already have sex, but it is surely a sign to have a talk with them. If you find any of these (condoms and contraceptives) it also means that they are getting information from somewhere and you need to ensure that they are properly guided.

  • Provocative dressing

How To Tell If Your Teenager is Having Sex

Teenagers are often desperate for attention. This is because adolescence is often a time when they become conscious of their body image and appearance. Consequently, they might start dressing in a provocative way to make themselves more sexually attractive.

  • Suspicious movements

When teenagers start getting involved in sexual activity, they become secretive. This is because they want to make sure you don’t find out what they have been up to. There will be a number of suspicious movements without valid reasons. They might start coming home later than usual or start becoming overprotective about their privacy by locking their phones or making sneaky calls.

  • Poor Grades In School

One of the reasons teenagers are advised not to get involved in sexual activities is because they do not have the mental maturity to handle it. Sex is emotionally and mentally tasking. Consequently, they would start doing poorly in school because they are distracted and unable to focus on their school work.

  • Be Involved

As a parent, you should make yourself a person your kids can easily communicate with. If you are genuinely involved in their lives, they will be more open to you about what is going on with them. If they can easily introduce a boyfriend or girlfriend to you, then it is much easier for you to sit them down and discuss with them about being responsible for their sexual health.


Sex euaction will help teens control their emotions.

Sex education is very important while raising children. As soon as they can understand, you have to start communicating with them about sex and the proper methods of navigating it. Telling your teenager to not get involved with the opposite sex is not enough. Also, you can’t scare teenagers anymore with sayings like “when a guy touches you, you will get pregnant.” The internet is full of sexual content, pornography and also resources that can help them make the right choices. Your responsibility as a parent is to guide them in the right directions. Through sex education, you can make them aware of sexually transmitted diseases and infections. In addition, they will learn how to manage their sexual behaviours, and how to put their emotions under control.

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Lydia Ume