You Hear Say You Fit Use Salt Take Test For Belle? Oya See How You Go Do Am

You Hear Say You Fit Use Salt Take Test For Belle? Oya See How You Go Do Am

Some people don dey use salt take test for belle if dem wan know whether they get belle, and dem say e dey work like hospital own.

You don reason before as you wan take know whether you get belle abi you no get? E fit be say time no dey to run go pharmacy buy test strips, and doctor fit dey far from where you dey too. For this kain time, you fit just wan know sharperly weda belle don enter. Na so, you fit find out whether you get belle through one of dem kitchen ingredients. My sister, na salt o!

Why you go dey reason homemade pregnancy test sef?

You Hear Say You Fit Use Salt Take Test For Belle? Oya See How You Go Do Am

You fit dey reason am say why you no kukuma go for the regular test for belle wey everybody sabi to use. The thing be say, privacy dey the level. You fit just dey house wey nobody go follow dey with you make you run am quick. Some kain time you fit never sure whether you wan carry belle. To waka go lab fit dey fear you sef. Belle test for house go help clear your doubt. E go give you answer wey you dey find for inside your house.

Things wey you go do before you test for belle with salt

If you wan get sure result, you go wait make your body get high level of hCG hormone. This hormone na wetin doctor dey call pregnancy hormone. The hCG go full your body one week after you don miss your period. If you try am before one week you fit no get correct results.

And correct results go depend on top how konk your piss be.This one mean say you no go drink plenty water before you take the test. Too much water fit dilute your piss and e go make am hard to get correct results. This one na important fact wey you need know if you wan use salt take test whether you get belle.

How the test take dey work?

Na normal thing to dey reason how the thing go work if you just dey learn how to do am for the first time. You fit dey doubt if e go work, na normal tin to reason like dat! Salt na something wey everybody get for house, so e fit no easy to believe. The hCG go react when e touch the salt. Na so you go know whether you get belle abi you nor get.

Tins wey you need for homemade salt pregnancy test

You Hear Say You Fit Use Salt Take Test For Belle? Oya See How You Go Do Am

The good news be say you no need buy anything for this test. Everything dey your house there. As you dey learn how to take use salt take do pregnancy test, you go don know say e easy wella.

Wetin you need:

  • Timer to take time how long the test go take (you fit use your phone timer for dis)!
    • Your first piss for early morning 
    • Cup or jar wey dey clear or transparent
    • 2 pinches of salt

Oya come do the test

  1. Piss inside the clear jar or cup (remember sey fresh, early morning piss go work best)
    2. Put two pinches of salt inside your piss 
    3. Stir de salt-piss combo to mix am well
    4. Set your timer to 5 minutes make you wait till the timer ring
    5. Watch am whether anything go change

So, you get belle abi you no get?

You Hear Say You Fit Use Salt Take Test For Belle? Oya See How You Go Do Am

If you notice milky foam inside the mixture, na de sign be dat. You don get belle. But if de piss stay flat and e nor foam, then belle never enter.

Wetin be the next thing?

To use salt test if you get belle dey very fast and cheap. You still need to go do some blood tests for hospital to know for sure say you get abi you no get belle. Home tests fit dey convenient, but dem no be sure-proof scientific way to take test. E beta make you get proper pregnancy kit to test abi make you visit doctor to confirm.

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Written by

Tony S Abiodun