How you fit make your pikin chubby

How you fit make your pikin chubby

E get many tins wey fit dey cause your pikin to lose weight anyhow. To know as you go tek mek your pikin dey chubby, dis post go helep you well.

Chubby pikin na beauty to behold. Dem go dey round, plump and fleshy like Julie mango. Many people dey see pikin wey chubby as pikin wey dey healthy. As Dr. Stephen R.Daniels wey be chairperson for the American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP) take yan am – long history dey wey dey make people dey reason pikin wey dey chubby as pikin wey dey healthy, and e dey base on as America take dey see pikin as whether dem dey undernourished or dem dey overnourished. Im still add join sey as children dey grow up, dem go grow into dem weight. For Naija, we dey see dem pikin wey dey chubby as dem ajebo pikin.

As parents, if you get pikin wey no get enough flesh for body one of de common question wey you go dey find answer to na how you fit make your pikin chubby. Plenty tins fit cause make your pikin nor add weight, wen you don know dese tins, na to use de knowledge take make your pikin add join im flesh.

Wetin fit make your pikin no add weight?

How you fit make your pikin chubby

  • Im dey choose wetin im wan chop

Your pikin fit no dey add weight because of wetin im dey choose to chop. Some pikin wen dem dey grow up dey like some kain food pass de other. Dose food wey your pikin choose to like fit be food wey no go add much nutrient for im body.

  • Im no like to dey chop

You fit get pikin wey be sey dem nor really like to chop. If you give dem food, dem go take just few spoons and play with wetin remain. Pikin wey no like food no go dey chubby.

  • Hormonal or metabolic problem

Pikin wey get hormonal problem like diabetes or thyroid wey dey overactive fit dey lose weight. Some gastrointestinal problem fit also affect as pikin take dey chop and make pikin no add weight.

  • Medication

De kain medication wey your pikin dey receive at some point fit make im weight drop or make im no get appetite.

Your child fit too dey engage for activities wey dey make am burn colories pass wetin im dey take in. If dis dey happen, im go dey lose weight. As you don know wetin no make your pikin get weight, de next tin na to find how you fit make your pikin dey chubby.

How you fit make your pikin dey chubby

1.    Speak to your dokito

To make your pikin dey chubby fit be wetin you want for your pikin, but e fit be sey e nor go dey healthy for your pikin. Na why you must find out from your dokito. Also e dey very important to confirm from de dokito wetin nor make your pikin get weight, e fit be sey some medical conditions hide for some corner dey cause make e nor gain weight. Your dokito go check de pikin wella and find possible cure for de issue wey de pikin get. Your dokito go also fit recommend de kain food and supplements wey your pikin go take to make am dey chubby and fresh.

2.    Choose food wey get plenty calories and nutrients

As you dey choose food wey get plenty calories, dey mindful of wetin you wan choose. Foods wey get plenty sugar fit dey unhealthy for your pikin. Cakes and fast foods dem fit help to increase weight but fit also cause diabetes or heart disease. For food wey combine plenty calories with nutrients, you fit consider foods wey rich for carbohydrates, like bread, cereal, pasta. Make sure sey you dey give your pikin food wey rich for protein too, like beans, fish, eggs.   Also allow make your pikin dey consume milk, yoghurt and cheese. Fruits and vegetables too suppose dey dem daily meal.

3.    Check wetin your pikin dey drink

E good make your pikin dey take water, e go helep am dey hydrated. But nor allow make e overdo am. If im don take too much water, im belle go dey full and food no go fit enta wella. Also, dey careful of de kain drink wey your pikin dey take, too much of Bobo, Mr Fruits, Ribena, Capri Sonne fit make sugar plenty for im body and e fit affect im teeth or cause child diabetes. Sometimes, you fit make smoothies for your pikin or juice from fresh fruit.  E beta make your pikin take im drink after im don chop instead of before.

4.    Eat healthy

Because you wan make your pikin dey chubby, no go dey feed am anytin wey you tink sey e go make am fat. Consider de health benefit of wetin you dey feed your pikin with. Make your pikin dey healthy beta pass im size. No overfeed your pikin with sweet sweet tins, instead make sure sey im dey take balanced diet. You fit also try new ways to take make food wey your pikin go like.

Your pikin fit dey chubby if you dey give am food wey rich for calories and nutrients. As you dey do am, watch de weight as e dey add up. Also make sure sey you dey talk with your dokito who go also helep monitor your pikin progress.

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Tony S Abiodun