Naija Food Wen Go Make Iftars Unforgettable For Ramadan

Naija Food Wen Go Make Iftars Unforgettable For Ramadan

Iftars na evening food wen Muslims take dey break dia fast for Ramadan.

For efiri religion, doctrines dey wen yu must practice, no be just becos dem be part of religion; but becos dem dey boost faith for religion. Na so e be with Ramadan. Iftars for ramadan na special food wen dem dey chop.

For Islam, Ramadan na time to make yur faith strong as Muslim, make yu draw close to Allah. For dis period, wen Muslims dey fast, dem dey chop two times for one day. Di first one na Suhoor, wen dem dey chop before day break.  And wen sun don set, dem dey break dia fast with Iftars.


Iftar na food wen dem dey chop wen day don end for Ramadan. Dem dey use am take break dia fast.

Iftars For Ramadan No Be Just Dinner, Na Special Event


Iftars for Ramadan na social event wen involve famili and communiti. Plenti Muslims dey host dia friends for dinner. Some oda Muslims dey invite pipo wen no get food to chop to come follow dem share dia food.

Traditionalli, Muslims must first use dates take break dia fast and water or yoghurt. Afta dia prayer, dem go come chop full course food. For some cultures, Muslims dey chop full course meal eitha late for evening or earli morning. Traditional food dey different for differnt kontiri.

Muslims no dey chop too much for iftars for Ramadan or any oda time becos of health reason. Dis na becos yu must always get di nutrient and rest wen yu need. Islam dey make allowance for pipo wen no fit fast. If fasting fit cause more wahala for yur health, yu get two option:

  • If yur condition dey temporari, yu fit make up di fast wen yu don well.
  • If yur own dey permanent, den yu go donate give chariti instead make yu fast. Di amount must dey enuf to feed one person efiri day till di fast go finish.

Muslims wen dey practice strong faith dey follow dia diet all thru di year, so iftars no get pork, alchohol, or oda food wen dem dey forbid.

For Ramadan, di common greetings na “Ramadan Mubarak” or “Ramadan Kareem”(wen mean “blessed Ramadan” or “happy Ramadan”). Make yu feel free to use am with yur Muslim friends.

Naija Food Ideas For Iftars


Goat Meat and Plantain Pepper Soup

Dis na betta food wen yu fit serve for iftars wen yu wan break fast. Na source of protein and potassium and di pepper go wake yur muscles wen tire.

Rice dishes with Stew/Sauce

Efiri Nigerian sabi sey rice na major food for plenti house during iftars for di holy month of Ramadan. No forget say di whole idea na make yu chop onli small so yu no go get big belle becos yu dey chop late.

Vegetable or fruit Salads


Dis na betta source of iron and mineral. Di good thing be sey yu fit chop am plenti pass carbs as yur bodi go quick digest am.


Dis na traditional food for di North. Na rice wen yu cook inside oil. E dey rich for magnesium, carbohydrate and potassium. Use hot hausa spice pepper take chop dis food with meat wen yu grill.

Fura Da Nunu

Dis na hausa food wen dem use millet and cow meat take make. Dis one go replenish yur famili once una don fast finish and e dey rich for energy and calcium, magnesium and carbohydrate from the millet.

Amala, Eba, Fufu with Egusi or Vegetable Soup

Yu suppose dey familiar with dese foods, as dem be popular food for most Naija homes. For Ramadan, yu go wan chop dem for small portion. Dem dey high for carbohydrates, iron, fats and protein, depending on weda yu use fish or meat take cook di soup.

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Written By AyeeSha

Translated By Anino Aganbi

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Anino Aganbi