The Most Popular 2019 Ijaw Names For Baby Boy

The Most Popular 2019 Ijaw Names For Baby Boy

Choose one of these beautiful Ijaw names for your baby boy

Ijaw names are pleasing to the ears. They are also very symbolic. Want to give your children names that have deep meanings? Here are some of the most popular Ijaw names for baby boy

Ijaw names for baby boy

Your baby deserves a beautiful name

You can choose a fitting name from this list of beautiful Ijaw names for baby boy!

Ijaw names for baby boy – ‘A’

Akpoebi – a good life
Anetorufa – Excellence
Awoala – leader of children
Awoalaye-ofori – There is nothing like a child
Awongo – Children bring wealth
Ayebabomote – praise God
Ayebaidobamo – God has brought me greatness
Ayebanua – Thank God

Ayebatari – The love of God
Ayetamaranbrakemi – God holds life
Ayiba tari – The love of God
Ayiba-deinyefa – There’s nothing as great as God
Ayiba-emomoemi – My God is with me.
Ayiba-eninidetei – God has shown me mercy

Ayiba-tari – The blessing of God
Ayiba-tonbra – The plan of God
Ayiba-womoemi – God is with us
Ayibapreye – The gift of God
Ayibaseinghe – God does not sleep

Ijaw names for baby boy

Your children will carry their names forever. choose wisely!

Ijaw names starting with ‘B’

Baratuipre – Helper
Beinmonyo – Fulfillment
Benatu – Family
Birakumo – Don’t forget about me
Brakemi – It’s in God’s hands
Brasin – Leave it to God
Bulokakotua – Hopeful

Ijaw names starting with ‘D’

Da omuna – God is never asleep
Daobomate – God has blessed
Daowanate – God hears you
Daowaninami – God with us
Derioteidou – Free from mockery
Dimbainimibofa – Who knows tomorrow?
Doubra – The is what God wants
Douere – Patience

Ijaw names starting with ‘E’

Ebi-akpo – Life is good
Ebiarede – I have seen pleasant a beautiful thing
Ebiarere – good gain
Ebiboseineyagha – This blessing is mine
Ebidisebofe – Everyone wants something good
Ebiegberi- Good news
Ebiere – Beautiful Lady

Ebiere – Beautiful woman
Ebieya – Your own is good
Ebikabowei – Accompanied by goodness
Ebiketon – Plan well
Ebimini – All will be well
Ebimoboere – Woman that brought wealth

Ebiowei – Kind one
Ebiowou – The right way
Ebipade – Blessing has arrived
Ebipade – Good luck
Ebipadie – It has been be achieved
Ebiperemene – It will be good for me
Ebisuode – Good things have come
Ebitare – Love is good

Ebiyipreye – May it be well with you
Egirigi – Greatness
Ekio – Wisdom/wise
Ekiyor – Wisdom/wise
Emomotimi – Be with me

Enai – Mine
Endutimi – Long life
Eyerinmene – Lively/outgoing
Ezoukumor – Walk steady

Ijaw names starting with ‘F’

Funebi – Knowledge is worthy
Funpere – Education is a fortune

Ijaw names starting with ‘I’

Ibigibo – A good mother
Imomotimi – Stay with me
Ina’ngo – My treasure/wealth
Iniye – Mine

Ijaw names starting with ‘K’

Kemelayefa – People are important
Kromor – Strong/powerful/energetic
Kurokeme – A strong man

baby boy

Choose names your children will be proud of

Ijaw names starting with ‘N’

Nengimote – supreme
Ngoebiye – Wealth is great
Nimi – Wisdom/knowledge
Odounkakpo – live long

Ijaw names for baby boy starting with ‘O’

Oifie – Our season has come
Okoba-ere – A good woman
Okobatin – Money tree
Okubo-ere – A wealthy woman
Ondotimi – Please stay alive
Owoufimiuowei – A man who opens the way
Owoufiniere – A woman who opens the way

Oyeinbirakemi – Everything is in the hand of God
Oyeinketonperemunu – God’s plans are perfect
Oyeinmiebi – God does good deeds
Oyinkuro – The power of God
Oyinmiesidou – The Lord has done it
Oyinnimi – The Lord knows
Oyinegberi – Gospel of God

Ijaw names starting with ‘P’

Pere-ere – A wealthy woman
Pere-owei – A wealthy man
Perekeme – A wealthy man
Perelayefa – There’s no one richer

Peremoboere – Good treasure
Pereotu – Wealthy people
Pereozoukumo – Don’t get desperate for wealth
Perepakerekere – There are many kinds of wealth
Poweide – Joy

Ijaw names for baby boy – ‘S’

Seimieghan – Do not harm
Seipaleyagha – pure

Ijaw names for baby boy -‘T’

Tamarakarena – God has answered my prayers
Tamaraleyefa – None as great as God
Tamaramiemini – God will answer/God will do it
Tamarapreye – The gift of God
Tamarataena – God has answered my prayers
Tamaraudoubra – The will of God

Tamunusaki ibitam – The perfect time is God’s time
Tari – Love
Tarilayefa – There’s nothing like love
Teinane – God has answered
Timiebi – Be patient and you will be rich.
Timiebibo – Life is beautiful

Timioyeinkedi – Look up to God
Tokeere igien meiseifa – Pure/blameless
Tolumu – good counsel
Tonye- What God created
Torukro – Stay Strong
Tubokebima – A good Child

Ijaw names starting with ‘W’

Woyengi-momoemi – My God is with me

Ijaw names starting with ‘Y’

Yenimi-ere – A smart woman
Yoroakpo – Woman’s life

Ijaw names starting with ‘Z’

Zibepreyi – The gift of God

Ijaw names are beautiful! Go ahead and choose a name for your child.

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Julie Adeboye