How To Identify Nigeria's Illuminati Pastors

How To Identify Nigeria's Illuminati Pastors

It is no secret that pastoral work in Nigeria is now a lucrative business. Whether this stems from unemployment or vocation is another matter. But if you walk a kilometre on many streets, you'll find no less than five churches there. Start-up churches are rapidly expanding; many believe this growth stems from the pastors' reputation for performing miracles. Apart from healing the sick, pastors prophesy financial breakthroughs and even raise the dead. Among many Nigerian pastors and their flock, this miraculous ability is the ultimate recipe for success. This is why it's not shocking to hear rumours that these pastors have joined the Illuminati order. In this article, we discuss how to identify Illuminati pastorsin Nigeria.

Who Are the Illuminati Pastors?

What is llluminati

Good question, but first, what is the Illuminati? The Illuminati is a society that existed centuries ago, and it was founded by a German law professor, Adam Weishaupt. The members believed in seeking enlightenment and fought for this by resisting religious influences and resisting state power.

But in more recent times and with heavy influence from pop culture, society now labels influential or powerful figures as members of the Illuminati. Apparently, it's the only possible explanation for their relevance, fame and wealth.

From local Youtube celebrities to Rihanna and our very own Nigerian Pastors, nobody is above the label of Illuminati. In fact, all you need to do is add a triangle to your music video, or perform a miracle to be considered an Illuminati pastor or entertainer in Nigeria.

How To Identify Illuminati Pastors In Nigeria:

Based on a common trend, pastors who carry the Illuminati label often have the same things in common. They are influential, wealthy, and perform miracles that shock the human mind. Seriously, there's no poor pastor on the list we are about to share with you.

Here's A List Of Alleged Illuminati pastorsin Nigeria

  • Prophet TB Joshua

Illuminati pastors

TB Joshua is a Nigerian pastor, televangelist, and philanthropist. He is the founder of The Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN); a Christian organisation that runs the Emmanuel TV television station from Lagos.

Over the years, SCOAN has claimed regular occurrences of miracles; so hundreds of Nigerians and international visitors across Africa and Latin America come to SCOAN. Their sole mission? To seek out the man of God. Years ago, poor building preparations caused the collapse of a building at SCOAN. This accident caused the death of hundreds of people. The rumour was that he had flouted an Illuminati order, hence the accident. But that hasn't stopped the people from trooping in.


  • Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

How To Identify Nigeria's Illuminati Pastors

Chris Oyakhilome is a Nigerian pastor and the President of LoveWorld Inc. a.k. a Christ Embassy. Christ Embassy has locations in several countries around the world. The ministry maintains an online prayer network and operates a LoveWorld television network and digital library allowing it to reach millions of followers around the world. The rift between himself and his wife was rumoured to be linked to his involvement with the Illuminati order.


  • Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka


His reputation has attracted people to the grounds of his Restoration Centre in Enugu where he preaches, and they keep coming. Listed in the top ten most powerful catholic priests, he is a household name in the eastern part of Nigeria, also known for his controversial nature. Mbaka is always in the news. If he is not in the news about the miraculous healing prowess he is said to possess or his defence of the efficacy of prayers, he is in the news about some social development in the country. If he is not in the news about political developments in Nigeria, he is in the news about some community entanglements. Many believe he was acting out a script during the President Jonathan fiasco.


  • Lazarus Mouka

Illuminati pastors

Lazarus Muoka is a Nigerian pastor, healing minister, evangelist and author. He leads one of Nigeria’s largest Christian congregations known as the Lord's Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries. The bulk of his popularity is linked to his church and the members. His members are known for their dramatic ways of showing their love to God. You can easily spot them through their customized apron.


Nevertheless, estranged members have previously accused him of all sorts of things from hypnotism to worship of the python, linking him with the famous order.

 One thing is certain, God's hand upon a man could grant him abilities to heal and be wealthy. The Illuminati order in its time did not exist longer than a decade. Currently, it is a scheme to dupe people of their money. There is no tangible proof that this society exists anymore. There is also no proof that these men are Illuminati pastorsin Nigeria.


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Written by

Lydia Ume