Why You Need A Bedtime Routine For You And Your Kids

Why You Need A Bedtime Routine For You And Your Kids

The importance of a bedtime routine should not be overlooked because it can set the tone for your day. Here's how to create a routine for kids and adults.

Whether for an adult, teenager or child, a bedtime routine is important. It helps you get the amount of sleep you need so that you can function properly during the day.

The Importance of a bedtime routine

importance of a bedtime routine

For most people, their days are long and stressful. Having a good sleep is a way to recharge the batteries for the beginning of another day. Essentially, a bedtime routine is a way to train your mind to begin to round up for the day. Therefore, the things you do before bed should all contribute to putting you to bed. As you continue to repeat the same things, your brain gets the message.

However, whatever your bedtime routine, they should be calming. Avoid things like sweeping the house or replying to emails. For your kids, discourage them from playing video games or doing homework before bed. These things will only make them not want to sleep.

Bedtime routine for kids

nighttime routine for kids

  • Set a specific time

Set a time for bed and make sure you stick to it. With time, your child will adjust.

  • Have a bedtime signal

Since most children are still unable to quantify time. You can have a set of activities that signal that bedtime is near. These could be in the form of putting toys away and taking a bath. This way,  your child associates these activities with bedtime.

  • A light snack

A light snack before bed wouldn't hurt. Avoid heavy food. The snack sustains your child throughout the night. But make sure you brush your child's teeth afterwards.

  • Dress for bed

Wearing particular clothes are also part of a good bedtime routine. With time, your child's mind comes to associate those clothes to bedtime. Also, make sure to keep away all electronic devices.

  • Bedtime activities

These could be in the form of a bedtime story, song or night prayers. Afterwards, don't wait for your child to fall asleep, just tuck them in and make sure they are comfortable in bed and say goodnight.

Bedtime routine for adults

bedtime routine for adults

  • Set an alarm

Choose a bedtime you know you can stick to and set an alarm 20-30 minutes before. This gives you some time to prepare for bedtime.

  • No phones

Keep all electronic devices away. If there's anything that can easily disrupt your bedtime routine, it's your phone. Be sure to turn off all electronics 30 minutes before bedtime.

  • No alcohol

To take alcohol before bed might seem like a bright idea but it isn't. Alcohol isn't good for your sleep. This is because it makes you sweat and snore. Also, you may have to wake up a few times to pee.

  • Avoid a full stomach

To avoid having a full stomach, you should eat 3 to 4 hours before bedtime. This gives the food time to digest. But if you feel too light before bedtime, a snack is all you'll need. Fruits or a vegetable salad are good options.

Whatever you choose to do before bedtime should make you relax. You could read a book, take a warm bath, or wear your favourite pyjamas. Also, you could pray or meditate.

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