Wetin Be Some Of Di Importance Of Sex During Pregnancy Period?

Wetin Be Some Of Di Importance Of Sex During Pregnancy Period?

From hormones wey dey dance galala to that your belle wey jus dey big dey go; sex fit be di last thing wey you wan hear now. But the mata na say, di thing good well well for you and the pikin wey you carry for belle. And di importance of sex during pregnancy period be say sex go improve your pregnancy, your health, and even your relationship join. And if you dey fear say e go cause problem for the belle, dokita dem don tok say na lie, so no shaking. But na jeje you go dey do.

Wetin Be Some Of Di Importance Of Sex During Pregnancy Period?

We no wan make you jus siddon for house dey watch feem. Come read this tori about di importance of sex during pregnancy period. We don list some of di benefits for unda. Read am make you sabi wetin dokita dem dey tok.

See Di Benefits Of Sex During Pregnancy Period

importance of sex during pregnancy

Labour and recovery wey easy small

When you get orgazim as you dey knack, e go helep your body increase di contraction for your pelvic floor. Dat wan go come helep your muscles dey kampe. Na these muscles you go need for labour room and after you don born.

“Once e be say you don push your baby through those muscle dem, e go dey easy for dem to strong back,” na so Jeanne Faulkner tok. She be registered nurse for Portland, Oregon and she write book of “Common Sense Pregnancy: Navigating a Healthy Pregnancy and Birth for Mother and Baby.”

E go make you burn some extra calories

If your oga handle you well well, you fit burn around 50 calories in just thirty minutes. Dat one no mean say you go take sex replace exercise. But at all at all na winch.

Sex go lower your blood pressure:

Woman wey wan born go need monitor her blood pressure. Healthy blood pressure na beta thing for pregnancy. E dey important because e mean say di woman nor go get pregnancy preeclampsia. That na bad sickness wey dey worry woman wey get belle and na high blood pressure dey cause dis particular pregnancy complication.

You go dey sleep better sleep for night

When oga don totori you finish, all your body go dey do mukemuke. Na sleep sure pass. And you know say before, woman wey get belle nor dey fit sleep for night. If you play with oga for bed finish, you go sleep beta sleep. Even your pikin wey dey belle, all di rocking go make am folow sleep. So all di kick wey e dey kick you go dey.

Sex during pregnancy period go improve your immunity

Pipo wey sabi tok say sex dey boost immunity, which mean say e go give body the thing wey e need to fight diseases. E get one hormone for body wey dem dey call am oxytocin. If you play with your man, na dis hormone dey make body dey sweet una. Dokita say oxytocin dey helep immune system dey strong kampe. So person wey get belle no go dey fall sick. Dis oxytocin go folow reduce stress for your body.

When You Suppose Abstain From Sex During Pregnancy?

Wetin Be Some Of Di Importance Of Sex During Pregnancy Period?

Your midwife or dokita fit advice you to avoid sex when you get belle. But e go be say becos you don experience the following:

  • problem for your cervix wey fit cause miscarriage for you or fit give you early labour
  • you cari twins for belle
  • placenta previa, wia e be say your placenta don partially or totally cover the entrance of your cervix
  • cervical incompetence, wey e be say your cervix dey open prematurely
  • premature labour don hapun to you before before
  • you dey lose blood or blood just dey comot from your toto
  • amniotic fluid dey comot (amniotic fluid na di water wey dey full woman belle wen she dey carry pikin)
  • your water don break, and e fit increase the risk of infection

You go need protect yourself make you no cari sexually transmitted infections (STIs). E mean say you go dey use barrier contraception, wey be condoms. E dey very important.

Best position dem wey go make you enjoy sex during pregnancy period

importance of sex during pregnancy

For the later stages of pregnancy, you suppose choose positions wey no go put pressure for ya belle. Like that missionary position, na wahala e be for woman wey get belle. If you lie down on top your back with your belle, di weight of di pikin fit go press your internal organs or major arteries wey dey carry blood waka for inside your bodi.

You go dey more comfortable if you dey for position wey you fit control tins as e dey go on top bed.  Or you fit try dey on top. If you sabi style wey dem dey call spooning, you fit try am too. Or una fit siddon for edge of the bed, play una play.

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