7 Reasons To Empower Women In Society

7 Reasons To Empower Women In Society

The importance of women empowerment can't be overemphasized. We consider family the bedrock of society while overlooking women's role in keeping it together.

A lot has already been written about women empowerment and it bears repeating again and again. For how else will a group that is the single most oppressed group on earth be able to remove itself from a position where they constantly receive less than what is due them as human beings daily? Women receive less education, less pay for work done in most if not every country in the world. When they are not being shortchanged, their daily activities are being policed to fit into a box that limits them in every way. A dynamic that prevents women from living their best lives. Apart from the fact that it will liberate women, another importance of women empowerment is its role in sustainable development. The society needs equal participation of women and men for economic growth.

Importance of women empowerment

Furthermore, the need to empower women cannot be overemphasized. It has far-reaching consequences. When a woman is empowered she has more room for decision making, the kind of decisions she makes, and when she makes them. Especially in areas of sexuality and reproduction. Education is one of the key ways to empower women. But it requires more than that. It also requires a change in policies that affect the participation of women in public life, that allows financial stability through equality in work environments.

importance of women empowerment

There are plenty of reasons why women empowerment is important. Below are a few.

  1. Maximizing potential

Women make up 50 per cent of the world's population. But there are places in the world where women's participation and contribution in public life are restricted based on gender. There are unequal opportunities and gender bias in places of work, leaving all that potential untapped.

  1. Reduces domestic violence

Domestic violence is rife in most homes and marriages. Yet victims remain under abusive men because they lack the financial wherewithal to remove themselves from under their abusers. So they remain instead and continue to bear all kinds of inhumane treatment. Women empowerment provide independence, more leeway in decision making. Also, education as an empowerment tool is just as important as financial, because it helps the woman understand what is acceptable and what is not.

    3. Showcase the intelligence of women                                                                                                                                                                                                         

You can't showcase your abilities if you're not even in the playing field at all. You have to be in it to show what you can do. And women have been largely absent from the playing field, especially at national levels. This representation is important to show that women are equally or even more competent and intelligent than their male counterparts. Empowering women goes a long way to help on the journey towards participation.

importance of women empowerment

  1. Reduces poverty

Because of gender roles, women are expected to not work. They are expected to sit down at home and give care, keeping the family together, while men are expected to play the role of breadwinners, going out every day to work and put food on the table. By empowering women to also go out and be breadwinners lightens the man's load, reducing the effect of poverty within the family circle.

5. Economic independence

Regardless of gender, every person in the world deserves an independent life, economically and otherwise. For too long, women have had to go through life dependent on men because of cultural and political norms. And making sure that women gain economic independence is one of the visions of gender equality. This will ensure that women's contributions are valuable and celebrated, whether paid or unpaid.

  1. Fighting corruption

The fight against all the ills of society including corruption, sexual assault, extortion, and all forms of injustice requires all hands on deck. And how can all hands be on deck when women are not granted equal openings as their male counterparts when it comes to job opportunities like the military and paramilitary. It is not like the few women who are already in these jobs aren't doing well in them, just as well as men or even better. And it doesn't end with uniformed jobs. When women run for public office they are not taken seriously, unlike when men do.

  1. Positive feelings

Let's face it, everyone wants to feel good and positive about themselves. You want to contribute and be recognized for your contributions. Positive feelings come with contributing and being useful, whether in the family, workplace, or the national level. And women empowerment is important because it strives to give women the springboard from which to contribute to national development.

importance of women empowerment


These are a few importance of women empowerment, but basically we need it to build a more progressive society. Women empowerment can be achieved through various forms, and where to start is sometimes dependent on location. Women can be empowered through education, assigning decision making roles, skill acquisition, more job opportunities, curbing unpaid labour, and mentoring.

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Reference: Empower.org

Written by

Lydia Ume