6 Ways Yu Fit Take Increase Yur Stamina Naturalli

6 Ways Yu Fit Take Increase Yur Stamina Naturalli

Yu feel sey yur energy level low? See 6 ways wen yu fit improve yur stamina naturalli

Na high stamina dey make pipo fit do wetin dey stressful for long, wen make den no dey quick tire. Physical and mental stamina dey veri important to us becos one dey help yu sustain yur physical activiti while di oda one dey sustain mental activiti. As yu dey try build yur stamina, e good make yu try improve both yur physical and mental health. Inside dis article we go show yu wetin to do if yu wan increase yur stamina naturalli.

How yu fit increase yur stamina naturalli

Plenti ways dey wen yu fit use take increase stamina naturalli. See some ways wen yu fit use for unda.

increase stamina naturalli

  • Exercise

If yur energy don alreadi dey low, yu fit think sey exercise no fit help yu. But dat one no be true. Exercise go help yu build yur stamina and yu go dey energised wen yu dey do physical or mental activiti.  Studi don show sey exercise dey help reduce stress.

  • Caffeine

Dis na stimulant wen dey increase heart rate. And e dey give bodi energy boost wen no dey last for long. Yu fit get caffeine inside coffee, tea and mineral. One study wen dem publish for Sports Science Journal show sey one group of nine top male swimmers take 3 mg of caffeine 1 hour before dem go swim. Dese researchers come see sey dem quick swim finish and dia heart rate no change. But we go advice make yu no take plenti caffeine efiri time make e no go masta yur bodi.

coffee bean

  • Meditation or yoga

Although yoga nad meditation dey make stress reduce, e dey also help yu build yur physical and mental stamina. One study wen dem do for 27 medical students show sey yoga or meditation dey reduce stress and dem dey improve yur well being.

  • Music

Minus sey music dey help change person mood, e dey improve di way wen yur heart take dey work. Di trick na to hia music wen yu like as yu dey exercise and e fit make yur stamina betta. Although we fit still need anoda study, one study see sey di heart rate of pipo wen listen to music as dem dey exercise low pass di ones wen no listen to music.

Music helps

  • Ashwagandha

Although e dey good for general health, Ashwagandha na natural herbs wen yu fit use take improve cognitive function, reduce stress and boost energi. One study show sey di heart endurance of 50 adult athlete wen take 300mg of Ashwagandha improve wen dem take am reach 12 weeks.

  • Balanced diet

Di food wen yu chop get big role to play for how yu dey feel. Try make yu add protein and carbohydrate to wetin yu dey chop as dem go give yu energi all day.

E good make yu sabi sey energi level dey move up and down. so, e dey okay if yu no dey for yur highest level efiri time. So rest well, make yu listen to yur bodi.

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Source: Healthline

Written By Lydia Ume

Translated By Anino Aganbi


Written by

Anino Aganbi