Indoor party games for kids: Are you party ready?

Indoor party games for kids: Are you party ready?

Planning a party for children is no child’s play. The party planner is always under a lot of pressure to make sure everything goes well. With indoor party games for kids, you have to get everything right. You’ll have to put a lot of thought into the invitations, catering, gift packs and decorations.

indoor party games for kids

Games spice up children’s parties. One simple way to make your child’s party memorable is to include creative indoor party games for kids.

Indoor party games for kids:

Are there factors to consider when selecting party games?

When drawing up a list of party games, there are important things you might want to take into consideration. Here are a few of those things.

• How old are the children on the guest list? Take an average of their ages and select games that they can all comfortably participate in. All the guests deserve to have fun at your kids’ party.

• Children tend to have short attention spans. To keep them interested, you must keep the games short and simple.

• You mustn’t restrict your games to match with your party theme. Focus on how much entertainment the kids can get from playing the game.

• Resist the temptation to throw in too many educational games. The children have probably had an overdose of those games at their schools and homes. Keep it simple, exciting and unique.

• Consider games that are safe for children. Rough games may end badly. The last thing you want is a party full of wailing, injured kids.

Remember to choose games that are perfectly suited to your party venue and the weather. If the weather is fine, you can choose outdoor games.

indoor party games for kids

1. Musical Chairs

This timeless game is perfect for indoor parties. It involves music, dance, and laughter. The rules of the game are simple.

To play musical chairs, you have to form a big circle with the seats facing out. Count the seats and make sure that there is one chair less than the number of children participating. For instance, if there are ten children playing this game, there would be nine chairs. Play a song the kids can dance to while they go around the chairs.

Whenever the music stops, each child has to sit on a chair. Any child left standing has to leave the game. Before continuing this cycle, remember to remove one chair so that the total number of children isn’t equal to the total number of available seats. Do this until there is one winner.

2. Freeze dance

Freeze dance is another fantastic game. Kids all over the world enjoy this game. After all, every child enjoys dancing.

Like all great indoor party games for kids, freeze dance is short and simple. All you need to do is play the music and encourage the kids to display their best moves. The children have to freeze whenever the music stops.

3. Balloon Bursts

Calculate the average age of the invited children. If this number is greater than age four, then balloon bursts will get everyone laughing and screaming in excitement.

To play this game, scribble a couple of tasks on a scrap of paper. Fold this paper and stick it into different balloons. Inflate the balloons and turn on the music. The children will volley the balloon until the music stops. The last child to touch the balloon will have to pop it and accomplish the task written on the paper inside.
Choose simple tasks like singing, dancing or storytelling. The more creative the tasks, the more exciting the balloon bursts.

Caution: discard the remnants of all bursts balloons as they can suffocate children who try to ingest them. A study also revealed that popping balloons can affect the ears.

4. Handing Over (or Passing) the Parcel

You probably enjoyed this game when you were a child. Don’t be surprised to find that your children will absolutely love it as well.

Simply instruct the children to form a circle while seating down. Play a tune. Hand them a baton or a soccer ball to pass around. Each child must handover the parcel within the shortest possible time. When the music stops, the child who has the parcel will be asked to leave the game. Continue the cycle until there is only one child left.

On cold and wet days, this is one of the best indoor party games for kids

Planning a kid’s parties require a lot of creativity. Choosing appropriate games for the party is just as important as arranging them in the right sequence. Do your best to make the games entertaining and educative. These indoor party games for kids will make your party the talk of the town.

Resource: Science Daily
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