10 Infections Wen Fit Cause Miscarriage For Woman Wen Get Belle

10 Infections Wen Fit Cause Miscarriage For Woman Wen Get Belle

Woman wen get belle fit develop some kine infections wen fit make am miscarri, enta preterm labor among odas.

Period wen woman take get belle na veri sensitive time for her, so she need to dey careful of infections wen fit cause miscarriage. Na now she need to pay extra attention to her health both for hersef and pikin. Na im be sey, she need to dey chop well, take her prenatal vitamins, and prevent infection. Becos e get some kine infection wen fit cause miscarriage.

Some of di common infection wen fit happen if yu get belle fit no cause problem; like skin infection, urinari tract and respiratori tract na infections wen dey mild. But some infections dey wen fit pass to di pikin before or wen yu wan born wen fit damage di foetus or cause miscarriage or premature birth. See some of di infections wen fit cause miscarriage wen yu get belle.

Infections Wen Fit Cause Miscarriage

infections that can cause miscarriage


Chlamydial infection na veri common sexualli transmitted disease. Becos di infection no dey quick get immediate symptoms, e fit worri more pipo wen experts no know about. For women, chlamydiae dey accountable for all di cervical infections wen dey produce pus; wen no be gonorrhoea cause. Dis infection fit cause miscarriage, preterm labour, and premature rupture of membranes. E fit even cause eye inflammation (conjunctivitis) for pikin wen dem just born.


Gonorrhoea na disease wen dey sexualli transmitted, and na bacteria wen dem call Neisseria gonorrhoea dey cause am. Di bacteria dey infect lining of the urethra, cervix, rectum among odas. Person go dey get discharge from penis/vagina and yu fit dey piss plenti. If woman get am for earli stage of belle, e fit cause miscarriage. But if na later she get am, di bacteria fit spread reach pikin eye.

Zika Virus Infection

If woman wen get belle get dis infection; e fit make di pikin head small. Di head fit small becos e no develop well.  Zika virus infection fit make pikin get eye defect. Na mosquito be di major carrier of dis infection, but yu fit get am through sex, blood transfusion, and mama to pikin wen dey belle. To treat dis infection for earli stage of belle fit cause miscarriage.

German Measles

Wen dey popularli known as rubella fit cause problems for person wen get belle, especialli make pikin no grow well. Oda sickness still dey wen dis infection dey cause for pikin. Although rubella dey cause mild symptoms, e fit cause miscarriage or oda disease if di mama contact am wen she get belle. Dem dey call rubella german measles becos di rashes dey similar to wetin di measles dey cause. But na different virus dey responsible for am.

More Infections

infections that can cause miscarriage

Cytomegalovirus infection

Dis na common type of herpes virus infection. For woman wen get belle, dis infection fit pass placenta go damage pikin liver and brain. So di foetus no go grow like yu expect. Dis one fit cause complication wen go lead to miscarriage.

Chickenpox (Varicella)

Once yu get chicken pox wen yu get belle, di chances sey yu go get miscarriage dey high. Dis infection fit damage pikin eyes and brain and body. And di head of di foetus fit come small pass normal.


Na one kine single-celled protozoan parasite wen dem dey call Toxoplasma gondii dey responsible for dis infection. Usualli di infection no dey get symptoms but some pipo dey get lymph nodes wen swell, fever, sore throat among odas. E dey reactive for pipo wen dia immune system dey weak and e dey affect brain. Na protozoal infection wen dey cause miscarriage and oda birth defects.


Na bacterial infection wen dey increase risk of preterm labour, miscarriage, and stillbirth. Newborn pikin fit dey infected but symptom no go show till some weeks don pass. Na contaminated food be di main cause of  Listeriosis.

Bacterial Vaginal Infections

Vagina infection like  bacterial vaginosis fit make woman wen get belle enta preterm labour, miscarriage or premature rupture of membranes wen di foetus dey inside.

Urinary Tract Infection

Dis disease dey increase risk of preterm labour and premature rupture of  membranes.

How To Treat Dese Diseases


Yu fit use drugs sometimes, and e go depend on di benefits and risks.

Yur doktor go need to check di risks before he fit use any antimicrobial drugs take treat any of dese infectiona.

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