Mrs Nigeria & Mrs Top Africa celebrate International Women's day!

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Gone are the days when women needed to prove that they were equal or superior to men. In today’s day and age, a women’s strength is celebrated and appreciated world wide. 8th March every year is hence celebrated as an International Women’s Day. This year the International Women’s Day in Africa was star studded!

Mrs Nigeria and Mrs Top Africa hosted a lavish brunch alongwith the Women’s alliance group at La Brioche, Victoria Islands in Lagos (Nigeria). They not only celebrated womanhood, but also paid tributes to the various achievements achieved by Nigerian women across politics, society and economics.


International Women's Day in Africa

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The theme for this year’s brunch was #youaredoingawesome# and it was about celebrating the achievements of women in their various fields and careers in Africa. The current Mrs Nigeria and Mrs Top Africa also handed out  an award to selected women  entrepreneur who not only showed courage but also motivated others by their determination. She was from the event sponsor Women’s Alliance Group.

As keynote speaker, Emela Remi spoke about women empowerment and how important it is for women to be a part of all sectors. Equal or greater female representation is not only the need of hour but also the places that have been able to implement this, have had a better outcome. The others then participated and expressed their views.

International Women's Day in Africa

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Other than networking, the women shared laughs and hearty one-to-one conversations. Food added a catalyst to develop new female bonds during lunch.

This successful event surely gives us a glimpse of what women have achieved in Africa and how much more we need to go! Let’s all hope for a brighter 2020 International Women’s day celebration in Africa!



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