International Youth Day: Police Warns Youths To Desist From Cultism And Drug Abuse

International Youth Day: Police Warns Youths To Desist From Cultism And Drug Abuse

On International youth day 2019, the Nigerian Police advice youths on how to avoid cultism and drug abuse.

The epidemic of cultism and drug abuse among Nigerian youths is an uphill battle the authorities haven't been able to win. It is not surprising that on the International  Youth Day, the Nigerian police warned youths against cultism and drugs, among other vices in the country.

Mr. Ebere Amaraizu, who doubles as a Superintendent of Police and the National Coordinator of Police Campaign Against Cultism and Other Vices, made this call while speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria in Enugu State.

According to Amaraizu, POCACOV was initiated by the Inspector General of Police with the aim of saving Nigerian youths from the claws of cultism and other vices.

“The IGP, through the campaign, wants all youths to live meaningful lives and to contribute their quota towards nation-building,’’ he said.

The Superintendent of Police also called on youths be law-abiding and to not give in to negative tendencies as well as violence in order to make the society secure. “Youths must shun negative tendencies such as cultism and other vices as well as violence in order to make their environment safe and secure,” he said.

Furthermore, he encouraged the youth to contribute to nation-building and to use their numbers in the propagation of those good virtues that can bring about safety and security of their environment.

“Youths as leaders of tomorrow should strive at all times to contribute their quota to national development.”

“Youths should not allow their emotions to cause a commotion, especially as they go about watching football matches."

“They should exhibit a high sense of positive solidarity, rather than make enemies because someone does not belong to their clubs,’’ he said.


What role should parents play in the fight against cultism and drugs?


Even after the Nigerian government imposed a ban on the production and importation of codeine in 2018, Nigerian youths are still accessing drugs

The raising of children is popularly referred to as “Home training” in Nigeria. This training helps children navigate the world. It informs their choices even as adults.

Therefore, parents have a duty to provide children with tools for successful navigation. Education is one such tool that helps children integrate themselves into society. Education could be formal or informal. Also, parents should teach their children to detest violence in any form.

All these tools can be an influential factor when they're faced with the choice of doing drugs or going into cultism.

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Lydia Ume