How Una See Am? E Better To Shave Or Wax Pubic Hair?

How Una See Am? E Better To Shave Or Wax Pubic Hair?

Intimate grooming na mata of personal preference. Naim be say na you go choose di one wey pay you.

To comot pubic hair na personal choice. No be evribodi dey do am, and e nor mean say you go sick if you nor do am. E dey possible to keep your down below clean even with the hair wey dey grow for yonder. Some women dey like to trim am, sake of say if dem wear bikini go swimming pool, make di hair no come dey show. So as dem don ask us say is it better to shave or wax pubic hair? We go check all di angle, both good and bad, for helep una decide.

is it better to shave or wax pubic hair

E get different way wey woman fit comot hair for down below. No be all di method naim safe, but dem dey. Some of dem na:

  • Shaving
  • Waxing
  • Trimming
  • Hair removal cream

But we go shine eye put for only the first two becos na dem dey popular pass.

Make we answer di question of weda is it better to shave or wax pubic hair


shaving or waxing

This na when you use shaving stick or razor blade cut the hair wey dey for your down below comot. You fit cut all the hair comot or you fit even follow shave style for yonder.


How Una See Am? E Better To Shave Or Wax Pubic Hair?

Waxing na di one wey you go use hot wax take comot hair for your down below. Dem dey use stick apply di wax for yonder, then dem go use force drag all the hair comot with some flat tinz wey be like paper.

As you don come understand di process of di two methods, we go come analyse all d factors wey di methods dey involve. So you go fit choose di one wey pay you like pass.


shaving and waxing

If wan shave, you need too much serenren, because once you ready na to buy shaving stick enter bathroom. No too much wahala. You fit do am every oda day if you like sef. But di preparation for waxing nor be here. You go buy di wax, put am for fire first, make e hot. You go buy all di oda things wey you go use join. Even di hair sef, you go wait make e grow well well before you wax am, make you no go burn yourself for yonder with hot wax. And if na spa you wan go do your waxing, you go pay moni and you go book appointment first.

The Time Wey E Dey Take

Shaving fit take between two minutes to ten minutes, e depend on all di place wey you wan comot hair. E fit be only yonder or you fit wan add armpit join. Waxing fit use up to 30 minutes, dis wan sef depend on di area wey you wan wax. But if you dey go spa, you go need tink the time wey you go use reach di spa becos dat one no dey for di 30 minutes. If na house you dey, di preparation time nor folow for the 30 minutes waxing time.

How Long Di Results Dey Last Before Di Hair Go Grow Back

See wetin Dr. Melissa Kanchanapoomi Levin, M.D., tok. Na she be dermatologist and founder of Entière Dermatology for New York for America. She tok say for di hair to grow back, go depend on som tinz. Like the place wey you wan shave abi wax so. She say hair dey quick grow back for bikini side and for armpit pass hair wey dey for arms and legs.On average, waxing fit last up to two weeks before di hair go start to dey grow back. And if you dey do am regularly, e fit pass 2 weeks. But if na shaving, you go need do am weda na evri day or evri two days because di hair dey quick begin grow back.

Wich one dey pain pass

Notin wey you fit do o, waxing must pain, but afta you go dey used to am. And di down below wey you wan wax na im dey pain pass no be small. No mata wetin you do to prepare ya sef, dat pain must to dey dia. You kno say na by force you go drag di hair comot so e musto pain you. Come add di hotness of di wax join am. Di thing dey pain.

But di only thing wey fit pain you for shaving na if di blade cut you, and na smol thing be dat one.

How di moni go cost

You fit buy one pack of disposable shaving stick for 200 naira, or you fit buy one quality razor wey you fit reuse for 3,500 naira. Add 2000 naira shaving cream join, wey you fit use up to 20 times. You see say to shave nor cost at all. E dey economical and very affordable. But no forget make you calculate how many times you dey shave for di matter as dat one sef dey.

Dem dey sell wax kit for up to 3,500 naira. And you fit use am up to 3 times. But if you say you wan go spa, dem fit charge you up to 15,000 naira. Nor be small money at all.

Las las na you go talk which of di method pay you pass, weda na shaving abi na waxing. We hope say we don helep you to make up ya mind. For some people, when dem think all di wahala and di pain wey dey waxing, dem go choose to shave dia pubic hair. And for some people, dem no get time to dey shave evriday or evri 2 days, so dem go choose to wax insted.

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