Gifted Children: How To Tell If Your Child Is Gifted.

Gifted Children: How To Tell If Your Child Is Gifted.

Maybe you have noticed that your child is good with numbers, reads more easily than his peers or is highly creative. There is a possibility that your child is a genius. Here are the signs and how you can test them.

Is my child gifted? This is a question some parents ask at some point as their child grows. Sometimes the question is borne out of curiosity, and other times out of something they may have noticed in the child. Something precocious. 

Giftedness is a trait associated with how high a child's Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is. Giftedness is not always straight and narrow in definition. Your child may be gifted and not excel in academics. Some may show their talent in other areas like artistry, creativity, music, sports, and leadership abilities. 

However, giftedness can be generic. Your child can display a generic dexterity. You might notice that the child excels in almost all areas where they are involved. It is imperative to identify your child's giftedness as early as you can so that you can start nurturing the child's talents. Even so, it is advisable to wait until your child is at least 5 before taking an assessment. 

Who is a gifted child? 

signs of a gifted child

According to HuffPost, a gifted child is one who gives evidence of high-performance capability in areas such as intellectual, creative, artistic, leadership capacity, or specific academic fields, and who require services or activities not ordinarily provided by the school to fully develop such capabilities.

How Can I Tell If My Child Is Gifted

If you want to know if your child is gifted, below are some common characteristics you might want to look out for. 

  • Observe your child's memory

Gifted children have a better memory than their average peers. You have to pay attention because it sometimes manifests in ways that are not so noticeable. It may be that your child is memorising something another kid might struggle to memorise. Or the child readily pulling out bits of information from books that even an adult may have long forgotten. The child recalling mundane information others might not have noticed. 

  • Pay attention to your child's reading ability 

Even before your child begins to go to school, you will notice that they are teaching themselves to read with a surprising degree of success. They are often interested in advanced reading that will surely bore another child of their age. This may be a sign that your child is gifted. But this gets tricky and can go the other way. Some gifted children struggle with reading early on. 

  • Watch how your child interacts with adults

You child may be showing very little interest in interacting with kids of the same age. This is because the child sees other children through the eyes of a grown-up, and may find their childish activities boring and sometimes plain ridiculous. Generally, it will feel like the child is foregoing childhood. Also, when in the company of adults, they ask advanced questions. Questions adults will struggle to answer. 

  • Estimate your child's mathematical skills 

Giftedness can often be focused on certain areas. Some gifted children tend to be very good with numbers early on. And the child may be showing undue interest in anything that involves numbers and calculations. Even with games. You can evaluate this ability by watching out for their math test scores in school. Again, not all gifted people show remarkable ability in mathematics. 

  • Consider your child's knowledge of the world 

Gifted children bask in the joy of learning. They are interested in world events, things that usually bore other children. Generally, the have a keen sense of the world and readily invest their emotions into it. Plus, they do not shy aware from asking uncomfortable questions. 

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  • Look into their vocabulary 

Gifted children learn new words quickly and they use it conversation better than the average child. This a sign that your child may be gifted. Because of their reading ability, they pick up words at a young age. This is why when the child speaks people wonder how old he or she is. 

  • Notice the child's fluidity of thought

The child is very fluid in the way he or she thinks. Consider if your child is always lighting up with discoveries during conversations or difficulty. A child who looks for loopholes in people's thought process, rules and regulations. Does she think outside the box?


How To Test If Your Child Is Gifted

how to test if your child is gifted

According to Steemit, in Nigeria, a child's giftedness is determined by an IQ test score, though some schools use arbitrary test scores. But there's a fixed way giftedness is perceived in Nigeria. When a child has a high IQ score, it is automatically expected that the child does well in school. But when the child doesn't do so well academically, there's some suspicion. Or a call for a second test. 

In Nigeria, there are two approaches to test your child: the formal and the informal approach. 

  • Formal approach: formal approach includes logical reasoning, general knowledge, language comprehension and expression etc. 
  • Informal approach: informal approach includes portfolios, anecdotes and narratives, information from professionals, information from family members etc. 


Your child is special, whether gifted or not. And as a parent, if you are picking up signs that your child is gifted, enrol him or her into a school where he or she can be nurtured accordingly. Also, it is better to wait until your child is at least five to get tested. 

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