Snoop Dogg's Son Julian Corrie Broadus Set To Face Music Like His Dad

Snoop Dogg's Son Julian Corrie Broadus Set To Face Music Like His Dad

Snoop Dogg is known as a great family man. However, his affair with his high school lover, Laurie Holmond, produced Julian Corrie Broadus.

They say the apple never falls too far from the tree. That’s what Julian Corrie Broadus has realised, even though he tried to deny it. In a recent chat with Fameolous, he reveals he tried to turn away from music because his father, Snoop Dogg, was absent from his life.

Julian Corrie Broadus: Snoop Dogg’s estranged son

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Snoop Dogg’s brand portrays him as a loving family man, but this came into question after Julian Broadus’s revelation. The legendary rapper came to know of Julian’s existence in 2008. According to Fameolous, Snoop Dogg had no idea he had a son with former high school lover, Laurie Holmond.

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Julian with his mum, Laurie Holmond

However, Laurie Holmond confirmed in an interview the same year, that she dated Snoop Dogg during their high school days in California. They had sex after the rapper’s marriage to his wife Shante, and afterwards, she became pregnant with Julian. “When I told Calvin I was pregnant, he said, ‘I don’t know how I’m going to tell Shante,” Holmond told Star. “But when Julian was born, Calvin was right there, and he took responsibility like a man.” Also, Holmond claimed she took Snoop Dogg to court, established paternity and he agreed to take care of his son.

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However, according to Dallas Black, Julian spoke to Fameolous about the failed relationship with his father and how he’s no longer hurt by it. “I’m almost a grown man so my mind isn’t as heavy as it used to be,” Julian said. He also revealed that he intends to take up music like his father. “I always knew music was what my life was really about, but I pushed it away trying not to be like my father,” he said. “But I got older and stopped pushing it away and I’ve never felt better or more passionate about something.”

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