Plane Crash Survivor, Kechi Okwuchi Celebrates Her 30th Birthday In Style

Plane Crash Survivor, Kechi Okwuchi Celebrates Her 30th Birthday In Style

Plane crash survivor, Kechi Okwuchi celebrates her 30th birthday in style. Her life is an inspiration that we can rise from tragedy and become our better selves

For some people, a birthday is more a time of reflection than celebration. However, for some, it is both for celebration and reflection. One such person is Kechi Okwuchi, who recently marked her milestone 30th birthday with both celebration and reflection. Former America's Got Talent finalist was one of the two Sosoliso plane crash survivors on December 10 in 2005. After the crash, Kechi Okwuchi, family included, moved to Texas for treatment at Shriner’s Hospital for Children in Galveston in 2007, where she had over a hundred reconstructive surgeries.

Kechi Okwuchi family

kechi okwuchi family

The Nigerian American took to her Instagram to post some cute photos and wish her self a happy birthday, tagging it "flirty and thriving" with hashtag #30thbirthday and #happybirthdaytome. 

Since the plane crash, Kechi has gone from strength to strength, a living testimony that there can be life after a tragedy. She went from surviving the Sosoliso tragedy to being a 'Golden Buzzer' finalist at America’s Got Talent: The Champions 2019. Simon Cowell, one of the judges who gave her the Golden Buzzer, remarked after her performance, “You are here not just because of your story but because of your talent.” 

In addition, Simon Cowell's remarks would go on to inspire Kechi to go on and combine her music with motivational speaking. “Hearing those words from Simon changed my life. Being on America’s Got Talent is the first time that I will be recognized as a singer. I feel like I owe it to the other students who died to live in an exemplary way. I think that I have found my voice. Kechi said, " This is my chance to prove that I am a champion,”. 

kechi okwuchi family

And it was one of those pursuits that recently brought her back to Lagos, where she performed for school children and parents, inspiring them to not give up on their dreams.

After the performance, she said, “It is really an honour for me to do this and to represent what Standard Bearers School stands for- setting young women in paths that perhaps had not been walked before. I feel like this one monumental occasion.  It is a milestone for the school and for me.”

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