Check Out These 5 Must See Kenyan Celebrity Homes

Check Out These 5 Must See Kenyan Celebrity Homes

Ever wondered how your favourite celebrities live? This article gives you an insight into 5 must-see Kenyan celebrity homes

With most celebrities, it is easy to forget that most of them come from a very humble background. They are always in the news, for one reason or the other, doing exploits in their various fields. Be it music, acting, modelling and so on. Their names grow and radiate, and soon it acquires a larger-than-life vibe. We all have dreams and aspirations, and it is certainly not a bad idea to draw inspiration from material evidence of their financial success. We bring you Kenyan celebrity homes that will show you what is possible in life.

5 must-see Kenyan celebrity homes

Below are five Kenyan celebrity homes that will inspire you.

  1. Akothee

Kenyan celebrity homes

If you're looking for an inspiring grass to grace story, look no further than Akothee, a controversial celebrity figure and a mother of five. Akothee moved from her village to Mombasa and took up taxi driving as part of her brother's business. From there she started dancing for free, before monetizing her dancing talent. Today she is a singer and a businesswoman who own houses in Mombasa and Nairobi.

  1. Mike Sonko

Kenyan celebrity homes

Mike Sonko is known for his extravagant wealth, fielding a fleet of gold cars and gold only. Young Sonko grew out under his father who was into real estate, making a profit of Sh5 million in high school. Now a politician, he has come in leaps and bounds since then. He owns one of the biggest mansions in Nairobi.

  1. Vera Sidika Mungasia

Kenyan celebrity homes

Vera Sidika is TV personality and model, who ventured into the entertainment industry during her university days in Nairobi, featuring in music videos that set her on her way to fame and money. The outspoken model has a host of businesses across Kenya, and she doesn't shy away from showcasing her wealth in jewellery and her exquisite mansion.

  1. Anne Waiguru

Anne Waiguru, a mother of three boys, went from being a civil servant to the government house of Kirinyaga as a governor, with a few stops in-between, working for the World Bank and Citi Group. The Governor currently owns a home in Kitisuru that is thought to cost close to 150 million Kenya shillings.

  1. Bishop Allan and Kathy Kiuna

Bishop Allan and Kathy Kiuna homes

The couple are people of the cloth and founders of Jubilee Christian Church. Also, their wealth is known to spark off debates in some quarters. The couple has always defended their lavish lifestyle. They own an imposing mansion located in Runda.

Trust in the process, as you work towards your own dreams, whatever they may be.

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