Here's Why Kenyans Are The Absolute Best

Here's Why Kenyans Are The Absolute Best

There are 195 countries in the world. Of this number, the Equator passes through only 13 countries, dividing them into a northern and western hemisphere. Kenya is one of the Blessed 13, and Kenyans know that they are blessed. But we won't beef them for it, because they deserve it. Kenyans are the absolute best, and we're set to tell you why. The climate, people and cultural experience can easily make this country on the African continent a haven. But that's not why we're crushing on Kenyans. Grab a glass of wine, or juice, or both and let's get wowed together.

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Here's Why Kenyans Are The Absolute Best

Goodbye South Africa, hello Nairobi! Kenya is one of the best tourism destinations in Africa. From the Big 5 (Lion, Elephant, Buffalo, Leopard and Rhino), to the safaris and breath-taking scenery, Kenya has it all. The capital Nairobi, gives you the feeling of a city built in the midst of a safari. The wildlife and pristine beaches are one of the reasons Kenya is amazing. And because Kenyans don't mind sharing, they are the best.

The People

Here's Why Kenyans Are The Absolute Best

Generally, Africans are very hospitable people, Kenyans however are somewhere at the top of that mix. Told ya! The best!

Silicon Savannah

Here's Why Kenyans Are The Absolute Best

Africa's technological growth is easily traced to Kenya, from 2007 to 2010. This is where major technological innovations/deals were birthed. Kenya is regarded as the Silicon Valley of Africa and aptly called the “Silicon Savannah”. Raise your glass if you think techy is coolies. EVen Mark Zuckerberg agrees.


Here's Why Kenyans Are The Absolute Best

Food!!! Kenyan delicacies are some of the tastiest on the continent. Take your taste buds on an adventure by sampling some of their dishes; Ugali, Pilau and Matoke. You might bite your tongue, but not before you agree that Kenyans are simply awesome.



The Kenyan Government supports coffee farming in Kenya, and rewards farmers with high quality crop with a high price. Even though tea is the top beverage in Kenya, coffee is a high foreign exchange earner for the country. The coffee has a signature strong fragrance and full flavour, you really have to try it!

Cultural experience

Here's Why Kenyans Are The Absolute Best

Kenyans have a beautiful cultural integration all through the country. From the Masai tribe's jumping routine to the headgear of the Samburu people, the Kenyan cultural experience is among the best on the African continent.

A strong sense of Patriotism

Kenyans are fiercely loyal to their country.


Here's Why Kenyans Are The Absolute Best

Kenyans are among the most musical people on the continent, with many of their musical stars attaining fame across the continent.

Cultural and Historic Monuments

Kenyans have a great sense of history and keep a lot of their cultural and historic monuments in good shape for history lessons to the younger generation and as good tourist sites too.

Arts and Craft

From the Masai beads and beaded bowls to hand carved wooden sculpture and the Shukkas (Masai blankets) to the Kikois and Khangas fabrics, arts, craft and fabric are very much alive and dynamic in Kenya.

Awesome Resorts


Kenya has some of the most beautiful resorts on the African continent, over 70 of them. These resorts are dazzling and beautiful and a stay in them is an experience to remember.

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