Contractions: How To Sabi Di Difference Between Real And False Labour

Contractions: How To Sabi Di Difference Between Real And False Labour

Once di end of yur belle don come, efiri thing wen yu go feel go make yu think sey labour don start.

For yur last trimester, yur bodi don dey arrange to born. Dis time fit dey confusing and yur hormones wen dey change any how no dey help matters. Wen yu sabi time wen yu dey labour and wen yu fit go hospital, e go help yu dey more confident for yur final weeks. See di different kind labour contractions and how yu fit sabi di difference between real and false labour.

Types of Labour Contractions

When To Go To Hospital

Contractions fit come through out wen yu get belle or just di first stage of yur labour. E dey important make yu sabi di difference between real labour and Braxton Hicks contractions. – nothing dey embarasing pass sey yu don carri yursef go hospital and dem send yu back sey na false alarm.

Braxton-Hicks Contractions

Braxton-Hicks contractions fit start from di fourth month wen yu get belle. Di contraction dey tighten yur belle but e fit no pain yu. Dem no dey regular and dem dey form exercise for yur uterine muscle to prepare am for d-day.

E dey happen wen yu dey tired, dehydrated or yu don stand for long. Yu need to try siddon so di contraction go relieve yu, and make yu drink plenti water..

If di contraction dey get more fequent, call yur doktor as yu fit dey get preterm labour. See how yu fit sabi weda yu dey at risk for preterm labour.

Preterm Labour Contractions

Regular contractions wen start before 37 weeks na sign of preterm labour. Regular contractions suppose come between 10 to 12 minutes interval. Wen di labour dey come, yur belle go hard and yu go feel yur uterus dey tighten.

Oda signs na:

  • Vaginal discharge go change.
  • Yu go feel pressure for yur pelvis
  • back pain
  • Cramp

Once yu notice any of dese symptoms, call yur doktor!

Labour Contractions

Wen real labour start, di contractions dey last long, e dey strong and dey happen for short period of time. Dis time around, if yu rest and drink water, e no go relieve yu. Now yur contraction dey try to dilate yur cervix.


For di beginning of real labour, yur contraction time go dey far apart and go last reach 30-90 seconds.

As time dey go, di contraction dey become severe. Yu go feel each contraction for yur full body. Now yur contraction go last reach 45-60 minutes and e go dey five minutes apart. If yu don dey dis stage, start to go hospital.

Oda signs wen yu go use take know sey yu dey labour na yur water go break and yu go see mucus discharge wen fit get small blood. Wen yur water break, e fit be like small trickle or sudden gush.

Once yu don dilate reach 7-10 cm, yur contraction go dey last reach 30-90 seconds efiri 30 seconds to two minutes interval. Ovalap fit dey as yur bodi dey prepare to push.

Yu fit try manage di pain with  Breathing And Relaxation For Pain Relief During Labour.

Difference between false and true labour contractions

Braxton-Hicks True labour
Dey irregular Dey regular
No dey get close with time Dey get close with time
Sometimes strong, sometimes weak Dey strong ova time, yu fit no dey able to  waka
Dey stop if yu drink water or lie down, No dey stop even if yu drink water or change position


Contractions: How To Sabi Di Difference Between Real And False Labour

Make yourself comfortable

Labour na long and tiring process. See some ways yu fit keep yursef comfortable wen yu dey wait for hospital:

  • drink water
  • move around slowli so yu fit relieve di pain
  • do breathing exercise
  • ask yur birth partna make he rub yur back

Research don show sey women go get positive labour if dem stay house for di early stages. Rememba sey labour fit take time, so make yursef dey comfortable.  Deliveri dey hard pass marathon!

When yu don dey see sign of labour, remind yursef sey yu fit do am. Childbirth dey natural and yu get experts with yu all di way.

Wen yu suppose go hospital with yur second belle

Difference dey for labour of yur first and second belle. Second labour dey fast and yu no go need to push plenti. E dey common for woman wen dey expect second pikin to enta labour before her due date, so prepare yursef down.

Source: Healthline, MarchofDimes

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