9 signs your spouse doesn't respect you

9 signs your spouse doesn't respect you

Check this list to ensure your relationship lasts!

Everyone dreams of a happy and lasting relationship with their partners. It's not rocket science but it goes without saying that it takes more than love to make marriage last happily. Couples need to share a mutual and strong foundation of respect too. How can you tell if there is a lack of respect in marriage? What should you watch out for?

Each relationship may operate differently, and we may define respect in various terms. Here are some of the common signs that there is a lack of respect in a marriage that you need to be aware of.

lack of respect in marriage

9 Signs Which Show Lack of Respect in Marriage

1. Deaf Ears

Do you just pretend to listen whenever your partner tells you how their day went? Do you use your phone when your spouse is trying to discuss a certain topic over dinner? This is like saying that you have more important things to do rather than listening to what your partner has to say.

Being respectful of someone means when they have something to say, you devote attention and time to show they are special.

2. Lies

White or black, big or small, lies are never good. It is a clear sign that there is a lack of respect in a marriage.

Why? Marriage is supposed to be a relationship between best friends.

What do best friends do? They share and tell everything to each other!

This promotes trust and transparency which is positively correlated to respect. Your partner is the most important person in your life, they deserve the truth.

3. Take the Back Seat

Do you consider your partner when you make short or long-term plans? You most certainly should. You are lifetime partners, so make each other your priority. Your partner will be the best support system that you can ever have so it is vital to let her in to all the dreams that you want to turn into reality.

Work as a team!

4. Cold Shoulder

Silent treatment rarely solves any issues. It is lack of respect if you do not care much about what your partner has to say.

Communication is key to a healthy relationship.

lack of respect in marriage

5. Insults, in Public or Private

Drawing attention in a negative manner to your partner is a clear sign of disrespect in a relationship. Respect in a marriage means you make someone feel like they are someone to you.

Your partner takes the number one spot.

Note: Make sure that your social media is clean and is not full of inappropriate contacts or conversations.

6. Intentional Trampling of Feelings

Why would you hurt the feelings of someone that you truly care about?  You're best friends and life partners, so why would you hurt their feelings on purpose? Instead, consistently support each other and make sure that the feelings of the most important person in your life are handled with utmost care.

lack of respect in marriage

7. Your People, Not Mine

Does your partner go with you to family gatherings? Do you accompany your spouse if he needs to visit his mum at the hospital? Yes. Marriage is the union of two persons. This includes the extension of each other’s families.

You do have to show his family and friends kindness and acknowledgment. Be respectful enough to treat them like they matter.

If someone doesn’t act like the people most important to you are important to them, that is one of the clear signs of lack of respect in a marriage.

8. Derogatory Speech

Negative comments and sarcastic remarks towards your partner are a huge no in a marriage. Honor your partner’s accomplishments.

Build them up instead of tearing them down. Make them feel good about themselves since both of you are mirrors of each other.

Be your partner’s number one fan!

9. Me First!

Marriage is a team play not a solo act. It is a lack of respect if you view your needs as more important compared to your partner's. Consider their needs first.

You are each other’s priority, so show them that they are important in your life and trust me, they will do the same.

All of us deserves a happily ever after so take note of the red flags above. If you allow someone who is supposed to be your best friend, your support system, and your partner in life, treat you with anything less than the respect you deserve, then someday you will wake up, look around, and feel bottomed out.

Practice respect in every little way and enjoy a lasting and happy marriage!


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