Lassa Fever Outbreak: Wetin Una Need To Know

Lassa Fever Outbreak: Wetin Una Need To Know

D rate wen dis disease wen be lassa fever outbreak dey take spread so, don put fear for many pipu bodi. D numba of pipu wen don die becos of dis deadli virus don dey alarming.

Wetin dis Lassa Fever Outbreak be sef


Lassa Fever Outbreak: Wetin Una Need To Know

Lassa Fever Outbreak na wen plenti pipu start to catch Lassa fever. Lassa fever na wetin dem dey call acute viral hemorrhagic fever and na Lassa virus dey cause am. Persin fit catch am once yu don dey exposed to d piss or shit of multimamate rat wen dey infected.

Countries wen e dey affect

Na mainly parts of West Africa, wen include Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Liberia na im dey get am pass. D response wen dem give to d wey wen d numba of pipu wen get Lassa fever because of dis Lassa Fever Outbreak so for different states for Nigeria, the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) don  activate National Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) wen go dey coordinate response activities.

Dose wen been dey affected

Plenti Lassa Fever outbreak don happen since 1969, d worst na d one wen happen for 2012 with 623 cases, 212 pipu die. For dis 2020 wen we think say lassa fever don go, we come get 195 cases so far, and 29 pipu don die.

How e dey take spread

  • Lassa fever fit spread to oda human being by blood, piss, shit, sweat of persin wen dey infected.
  • Incubation period of Lassa Fever Virus dey between 6-21 days

When yu fit see doktor

Once persin see sey he don dey get fever, sore throat, he dey vomit, belle and chest pain, hearing loss, yur bodi dey shake any how, abeg quick quick call yur doktor make he for know how he go take separate yu until yur bodi don dey normal back.

Sign to know weda persin get lassa fever

  • Belle go dey pain am
  • Feel pain for back
  • Once cough start and no medicine wen yu take dey cure am, e fit be Lassa fever, so make yu quick go see doktor Cough
  • If yur belle dey purge, go see doktor
  • Facial Swelling
  • Fever wen no be Malaria or Typhoid, quick go see doktor, e fit be Lassa fever.
  • Pesin go just dey carry vomit any how.

How Lassa fever outbreak dey start

D main thing wen be d cause of dis Lassa Fever Outbreak na wen persin wen no sabi say he get dis virus no know, and he no even know sey he get am, d thing go pass dere dey spread.

Lassa Fever Outbreak: Wetin Una Need To Know

D way wen yu fit prevent am

Oyibo pipu talk am sey prevention dey beta pass cure.  So na wisdom be dis life. For yu to fit stop dis Lassa fever outbreak so, make yu take extra care with urself and yur family.

E fit be sey d cure go dey expensive, meanwhile, d level of poverty wen dey no go make pipu fit get money for d cure.

  • Make yu avoid all contact with any rat at all. Persin no dey know which rat get d lassa fever.
  • E fit spread wen one persin dey in contact with anoda persin wen get d virus. And na thru blood, sweat, tissue or shit of infected persin na im d virus dey take spread.
  • Separate persin wen get d infection from dose wen no get am.
  • Block any place wen yu know sey rat fit dey.
  • Cook all yur food well well.
  • Cover all all yur food with water well.
  • If yu suspect sey rat don chop food, abeg throway am.
  • Na house wen dirty na im rat dey stay, so make yu keep yur house and environment clean.
  • Keep all yur foodstuffs for container wen rat no go fit chop dem.

Lassa Fever Outbreak: Wetin Una Need To Know

Once yu suspect sey yu get Lassa fever, or if yu get any kind fever wen yu dey treat and e no dey gree go, abeg quick go see doktor.

How to treat dis virus
Na wen dis Lassa Fever Outbreak still dey  im early stage na im dem fit treat am.

Ribavirin, na d antiviral drug wen dem don use take treat dis lassa fever wen dey successful. E dey very effective wen na d beginning of d sickness na im dem administer am.

Pipu suppose get supportive care wen consist of maintenance of:

  • Oxygen
  • Blood pressure
  • Treatment of infections wen dey complicating
  • fluid and electrolyte balance wen dey appropriate

Make any persin no commonise dis virus, we don see sey e dey kill plenti pipu. To sabi more read Wetin be d symptom of lassa fever?


Reference: WebMD 

Written by

Anino Aganbi