Here's The Juice About The Laurie Holmond And Snoop Dogg Love Story

Here's The Juice About The Laurie Holmond And Snoop Dogg Love Story

There’s no talking about Laurie Holmondwithout mentioning her high school sweetheart Snoop Dogg. In fact, he is the reason we all know Laurie today. Snoop and Laurie were an item until Snoop suddenly got married in 1997. Laurie Holmondheard the news of her boyfriend’s wedding like most people—on the radio.

Laurie Holmond


She went to Snoop with the shocking discovery, but Snoop confirmed the news and told her that she wouldn’t understand. Laurie Holmondlearned that he had married someone else, to her shock. But three months after the wedding, the pair got back together briefly at La Reve Hotel in Hollywood.

That little reunion led to a pregnancy, and nine months later, Laurie Holmondgave birth to Snoop’s son Julian Corrie Broadus. Snoop initially worried about breaking the news to his wife Shante, but he was present for his son’s birth. Laurie even commends him for stepping up to his responsibilities as a father in the early days. For a long time, most of the world was unaware of little Julian. Years after his birth, celebrity gossip was abuzz with news of Snoop’s secret son. The hottest news out of the paternity debacle was that the rapper suddenly stopped visiting his son with Laurie.

Laurie Holmond

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What’s the latest about Laurie Holmond?

The fact that she was in a high-profile celebrity relationship means that her name will always be linked with Snoop. Aside from being known as Snoop’s ex and Julian Corrie Broadus’ mum, who is Laurie Holmond?

For the most part, Laurie has remained low profile despite the drama that naturally comes with having a celebrity rapper’s baby and the subsequent revelation in the media. The forty-six-year-old is the first to admit that Snoop had stepped up to the plate when Julian was born. However, she has granted several interviews alluding to the fact that the rapper no longer maintains a personal relationship with his son.

How Laurie Holmondrevealed Snoop Dogg’s secret child to the media

The Broadus family had a successful reality show called Snoop Dogg Father Hood which debuted in 2007. The show revolved around him being a loving family man. That family-first image caught on and everyone believed how the show portrayed him. That was until the news of a secret son began to swirl in the media.

The world found that the rapper had fathered a son with a woman who wasn’t Shante. This revelation brought the Laurie Holmondgossip back to the forefront. Snoop’s image took a hit after the whole affair came out in the media.

There are reports that his marriage to Shante almost ended in 2004 when his wife first learned about Julian’s existence. Snoop Dogg reportedly filed for divorce, only to change his mind after the family worked through the secret baby news.


Julian Corrie Broadus. Source:

Julian son of Laurie says he has no relationship with his father

Julian Corrie Broadus isn’t afraid to call out Snoop Dogg, who he considers an absentee father. According to sources on Laurie Holmondgossip, Julian wanted to become a part of his father’s TV show, but that wasn’t to be.
Now that Julian is older, he has this to say about his relationship with his father: ‘Now that I am older, my mind isn’t as heavy.”

In 2018, Laurie Holmond’s son Julian signed a recording deal with the rap name Teen Snoop.

Relationship Lessons To Learn From the Love Story of Snoop And Laurie Holmond

  • Old flames are easily rekindled, so it’s not very practical to keep close relationships with an ex.
  • You could be a side chick without ever knowing it
  • Marriage is not enough reason for many men to stay faithful
  • Other women will want your husband just because he is married
  • Like Snoop and his wife, you can still have a successful marriage after infidelity.


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