The ages that define your life as a woman

The ages that define your life as a woman

Check out which stage you are at, girlfriends!

What were you doing when you turned sweet 16? Did you have your first job at 22?  At what age did you meet the love of your life? The life stages of a woman are definitely full of vibrant colours, remarkable experiences and exciting activities!

We may all achieve milestones at varying speed and different time frames, but here is a timeline of a woman’s life. From teenage years to retirement, here are the amazing life stages of a woman.

The Life Stages of a Woman

Teenage years

Statistically, 12 is when a girl is believed to turn into a woman (estimated time frame for girls to have their menstruation) while 13 is the age when they become young, wild and free!

With hormones kicking in, a girl is at her most tricky to deal with at the age of 14. Parents of teens interviewed for one study claimed that sulkiness and tantrums hit their peak at this age, due to conflicts over dating, cosmetics and drinking.

At 15 and 16, a young woman is likely to experience her first kiss and intercourse* which is an important sexual landmark.

*However, this may differ in African societies such as ours.

life stages of a woman

The Exciting 20’s

This stage is jam packed with activities! Ideally, a woman should have patiently waited until 20 for the best chance of a happy future relationship. Researchers at the University of Texas found those who waited to have their first lover were better educated, went on to have better paid jobs and enjoyed more satisfying marriages.

At 22, taste buds stop regenerating quickly, enabling us to find stronger flavours more palatable. Cheers to a more adventurous palette!

Women will fall in love on average four times during a lifetime and most will "settle down" at the age of 27.

A woman will most likely be in a long-term relationship by 28, but is prone to cheating due to a strong desire to keep playing the field!

The best age for a woman to invest in a property with her partner is at 29. This gives her time to upgrade to a bigger home when babies come along, and also means she’ll be mortgage-free by 61, according to an HSBC report.

The Busy 30’s

Women tend to juggle work and parenthood at 30 as many of them have their first baby.

They also strive to look better since it is said that we achieve the perfect hairstyle at 32.

At 34, women become more emotionally mature and financially secure.

After getting their feet under the desk, 38 is the prime age to take a career break or go travelling. Researchers found that by this age, women feel financially stable and sufficiently well-established to take a break without their career paying the price.

An average woman at 39 will receive her highest salary. Yes to that!

life stages of a woman

The Slow 40’s?

This stage is thought to be slow as women believe that their looks begin to fade. They are also most likely to divorce. However, we beg to disagree as we feel the 40's are more about women finally accepting themselves for who they are!

The Stable 50’s

Oops, you might need to step up on the hair colour by now as grey hair becomes prominent among women at 50. But you could also embrace your silver locks and rock them!

By around 51, women have stopped getting their periods. (Yay to no more birth control!) You will probably notice a few more wrinkles on your skin too.

At 58, women have finally got that elusive work-life balance under control. A study found this is when we start to take proper lunch breaks at work, cut back on overtime and also get the right amount of leisure to enjoy our lives.

The Relaxed 60’s

This is the age for retirement and when women start to take things easy. Some of us may already be grandparents by this age — how exciting!

Since there is more time for relaxation and the fear of pregnancy is gone, women at this age seem not to lose hope in love. A study by Age UK found that almost one in ten single people over 65 are keen to embark on a new sexual relationship. No one is too old for a sexy adventure!

The list above highlights fun facts about the life stages of a woman. Life surely brings a lot of exciting surprises with the various phases that we go through. Which stage are you at now?


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