Lips Kiss Baby: Everything You Should Know About It

Lips Kiss Baby: Everything You Should Know About It

Babies are adorable little things, and for most people, it is hard to resist the temptation of kissing a baby on the lips. A baby’s cuteness can be hard to resist! Parents love to kiss their little ones as an expression of love, and some family members will also find it hard to stop kissing a baby on the lips. Parents may look away when it is family members that are giving the baby a few affectionate kisses; but what happens when strangers want to lips kiss baby?

lips kiss baby

Lips Kiss Baby: Who can kiss your baby on the lips?

The natural answer should be the parents, of course. But some parents aren’t fans of kisses and for good reason. But for parents who think there’s nothing wrong with the kisses, here are the pros of kissing a baby on the lips:

1. It’s a great way to show love to your baby

There are few things as beautiful as a parent’s love for their child. A few kisses here and there will help show your baby just how special they are to you. Kissing is a proven way to strengthen the parent-child bond!

2. Loving hugs and kisses help your child to develop properly

You can boost a child’s cognitive development with gentle hugs and kisses. Nurturing and gentle hugs and kisses can stimulate your baby’s brain and help them develop faster than their peers who don’t get the same TLC.

lips kiss baby

3. Hugs and Kisses impact on the growth hormone

Still wondering whether kissing a baby on the lips is a great idea? Then you should know that hugging and kissing your baby releases the hormone oxytocin, which, in turn, helps to release the growth factor hormone and nerve factor hormone.

  • The little one will feel secure in your love, which will enable rapid development of the brain
  • Your baby will learn how to respond to stress
  • Your baby will develop the ability to store information in the prefrontal cortex, learn to restrain themselves from certain impulses, and also know how to adjust in social settings.
  • Kissing your baby means exposing them to positive expressions of love
  • Hugs and kisses make your baby smart because it helps build more neuronal connections in the brain.

4. Kisses help boost your baby’s immunity

A mom’s kiss is magical! Do you know that kissing your baby introduces him to bacteria that can build up enough immunity to fight colds and ear infections?


Lips Kiss Baby – why you shouldn’t do it

Kissing your adorable baby on the lips may have its pros, but there are also cons you should be aware of. Sometimes the consequences of letting people kiss your baby can even end the baby’s life!

1. Kissing a baby can spread dangerous diseases to the child

Babies don’t have the same immunity as adults, so a simple kiss on the lips can spread the following diseases to the helpless child:

  • Cold sores or the Herpes Simplex Virus
    Herpes can be fatal for babies, and if you don’t recognize the signs on time, the virus can cause untold damage to your baby’s health
  • Respiratory syncytial virus
    RSV is a viral infection of the lungs. If your baby gets this virus from a kiss, there is a risk of developing into full-blown pneumonia.

2. Kisses can weaken the baby’s immune system

A baby’s immune system is severely underdeveloped. This means that if the baby comes in contact with adults that are sick or people who don’t observe proper hygiene, it could lead to serious diseases for the baby.

3. Kisses can expose the baby to harmful chemicals in skincare products

Adults, both male and female, can get away with wearing products that contain strong chemicals. However, since make-up and most body lotions aren’t particularly baby-friendly, they could cause a host of problems for your child!
These toxic chemicals can disrupt your little one’s endocrine system or even cause cancer.

4. Kisses may trigger allergies in your baby

The person kissing a baby on the lips may not know what foods the baby is allergic to. For this reason, it will be hard to tell if the last thing they ate is an allergen that could end up causing health issues for the child.

Your baby’s cuteness might make her a kiss magnet, but that doesn’t mean anyone should get the chance to kiss her on the lips. Innocent kisses from family and friends could end up causing too many problems for you. A no-kiss policy is the best way to keep your baby safe.

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Julie Adeboye