List of emergency numbers and services in Lagos

List of emergency numbers and services in Lagos

Lagos, Africa’s largest business destination, is arguably the most populated city in Africa. Most of the time, this vibrant metropolis is in the news for the occurrence of one catastrophic event or the other. It is important for residents and visitors to take note of the List of emergency numbers and services in Lagos.

list of emergency numbers and services in Lagos

199, 112 and 767 are a few examples of those toll-free hotlines you can dial to draw the attention of the road safety officers, the fire service, the police force, and so on.

“Every day, I meet hopeless optimists and fatalists, who express regrets at not having saved the numbers,” says Rtd. Colonel Ego Uwa, Security Strategist.

“People must understand that emergency services were established to help citizens in times of trouble. It is important for everyone to keep these numbers handy for those moments when we—or someone close to us—need(s) help.”

The least you can do is save a list of emergency numbers and services in Lagos, especially if you live there or visit often.

List of emergency numbers and services in Lagos

Environmental Monitoring - 0803318347078, 043705057, 08023036632

Distressed calls or collapsed buildings (LASPPDA) - 01–5931947, 4933658, 4931940, 763085

Ambulance service (LASAMBUS/LASEMS) - 08022887777, 08022883678, 08022887788,

Rapid response squad (RRS) - 08056250710, 08033482380, 08023127350,

Traffic control (LASTMA) - 08075005411, 08023111742, 08077551000

Flooding or blocked drainages (EFAG) - 08056145481, 08023298197, 08096019599, 08055988566

Citizens mediation center - 08023128837,07055003863

BRT - 08023146096

Lagbus - 08033036811

Pothole or deteriorating transportation facility - 07060907493

Broken water pipe or water leakages - 08034068265

Health facilities regulation (HEFAMA) - 08033229049, 08023149120

Radio Lagos or Eko FM (breaking news alert) - 017267611

Lagos television (news alert ) - 01–496728

Exposed or decomposing corpse (SEHMU) - 08034279776, 08033602259, 08023356540,

Office of public defender (public complaints) - 01–8975571,7926928

Deteriorating roads (LASMIRA) - 08033060452

Environmental and noise pollution (LASEPA) - 07027951351

Signage or outdoor advertising (LASAA) - 01–8996502–9, 01–8251398

Security trust fund - 08028328204

Fire and safety services - 08033234943, 08023321770

Tax resolution services (LIRS) - 08033033121, 08033047270,

Vehicle registration and drivers licenses (MVAA) - 08029293099

Land dispute resolution - 08034030263

Refuse disposal services (LAWMA) - 5577 (toll free), 07080601020,080231280

The environmental and special offences task force - 07055028673

Fake drugs/ and narcotics (task force) - 08033213799, 08034975296

Food and pharmaceutical registrations (NAFDAC) - 01–4528031,01–4731018

Drug trafficking and abuse (NDLEA ) - 0803347868

Nigerian police - 08033011052,08056250710,08033183477

Emergency management (LASEMA) - 08060907333, 08023127654

Are these lines effective? And what happens when you dial the lines on our list of emergency numbers and services in Lagos?

List of emergency numbers and services in Lagos

Here’s what happens when you call any of the aforementioned numbers

• A specialist answers the call and records the information the caller provides into a database

• If the call was made to one of the Lagos state emergency toll-free hotlines, the call centre personnel will transfer the call to the right agency (fire service, distressed call, ambulance and so on.)

• After the call has been dispatched, the information is collated and sent to the relevant agencies involved

Top 5 tips to note when calling the numbers on the list of emergency numbers and services in Lagos

1. Remain calm and talk audibly
Although you might be in a tense and frightening situation, please try to comport yourself and speak audibly. The emergency services (particularly the police force, fire service, ambulance etc.) depend on the information you provide. Speak audibly to enable them to rescue and protect you (or whoever needs help)

2. Furnish the call center agent with your contact details
Give the hotline agent your physical address and phone number. Don’t forget that the agencies need the information to get to you, especially if there’s a burglar outside your door, or your house is on fire, an auto-crash or someone has just had a heart attack.

The address of your current location is vital. The agencies can’t assist you if your location is unknown to them.

3. Explain the situation in as few words as possible
Resist the temptation to beat about the bush. Go straight to the point. Describe the situation in a fifteen-second elevator pitch. The call agent will know who to send, if and only if they understand what kind of help and support you need.

4. Provide a brief description of yourself
Occasionally, law enforcement officers mistake callers for suspects. To avoid a catastrophic case of mistaken identity, tell the call center agent what you look like. Describe your outfit in terms of style and color.

5. Pay attention to the call center agent
Avoid distractions and be attentive. Heed the advice of the call center agent. Hang up, only if the agent permits you to.

Irrespective of your social or economic status, this list of emergency numbers and services in Lagos can save you a great deal of trouble. It can even save a life. Don’t take them for granted.


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