Trying To Lose Weight after The Baby? These Home Remedies Are Cheap And Effective.

Trying To Lose Weight after The Baby? These Home Remedies Are Cheap And Effective.

Effective methods for losing the baby weight with easy to find home remedies.

Baby weight is a source of anxiety for mums and potential mums. Many mums worry about what the average time to lose the baby weight is, while potential mums worry about what their bodies might look like after childbirth.

Women have very different timelines when it comes to losing the baby weight. Although many women find themselves under self-induced pressure seeing pictures of celebrities across lifestyle magazines who have somehow returned to their pre-birth body in no time.

What is the average time to lose the baby weight?

Usually, it should take 6 to 12 months to lose the baby weight. So you should probably plan your timeline within that ballpark. Some women can lose half of their baby weight within 6-week post-delivery. However, this is dependent on factors like body type and how much weight you gained during pregnancy. If the baby weight gained is above the recommended 25-35 pounds (11.5–16 kg), then you have to be a lot more patient with the process. Losing it might take a bit more time.


Where does post-baby weight come from?

Cheap ways to lose the baby weight, pregnancy

Baby weight is by no means magical. It is a direct consequence of the breast tissue, amniotic fluid, uterus enlargement, blood supply, placenta, and fat stores.

Naturally, you will lose 10 to 13 pounds after delivery. This includes amniotic fluid, placenta and the weight of the baby.


Might there be health consequences if you don't lose the baby weight?

If you're planning on just ignoring baby weight, think again. Post-baby weight poses some certain long term risks to your health. If you ever needed extra incentive this is it.



Tips on how to safely lose the baby weight

Proper nutrition helps weight loss


  • You should maintain proper nutrition

It looks like something of a no-brainer to turn to low-calorie foods in order to lose post-baby weight as quickly as possible. But this is not a good idea.

Low-calorie diets do not have the important nutrients that can aid your body in recovering from the rigors of childbirth. And besides, when you're breastfeeding your body needs these important nutrients to produce enough breast milk.


  • Be realistic about the process

Most women want instantaneous results. This feeling may arise from seeing your friends lose post-baby weight in a short time. You need to understand that body mechanisms differ.

According to a study by the World Health Organization (WHO), almost 1,800 women from different countries lost an average of 10.4 pounds in time between two weeks and two years post-delivery.


  • Breastfeeding

If you choose to breastfeed, it does have its health benefits, both for you and the baby. Apart from providing nutrients, supporting the baby's immune system, breastfeeding helps in your quest to lose post-baby weight by reducing the size of your uterus.

Breastfeeding burns a high amount of calories, going up to 500 calories per day. So you shouldn't worry about the amount of food you eat. Likewise, if you choose not to breastfeed that's fine. This only means that your body would maintain its natural appetite levels.


  • Routine exercises

Exercise helps a great deal. It is a way of burning more calories. But before embarking on any exercises, check with your doctor to see if you are in a good place for that. Especially if you gave birth via C-section.

Your exercise doesn't have to be heavy. Remember, post-delivery leaves your body already exhausted and struggling to sleep most of the time. So light exercises like walking, jogging, and swimming are good for you.


  • Stay away from alcohol

The thing with alcohol is that it somehow provides more calories without you having to eat. This can affect how much weight are able to lose.

And for mothers who breastfeed, alcohol can alter the production of breastmilk. You may end up not having enough of it for the baby.


Simple foods that can help you lose baby weight

The following are foods to include in your diet that are readily available at home or near you. And if you happen to not have them at home they are quite easy on your purse.


  • Water

Water is vital to lose baby weight, water

Drinking enough water helps in post-baby weight loss. Because it reduces your calorie intake by regulating your appetite. But especially if you're a breastfeeding mum, water helps you stay hydrated after breastfeeding.


  • Fruits and vegetables

Fruits will help weight loss, melons

Fruits and vegetables like oranges, spinach, and waterleaf are low-calorie foods that provide your body with essential minerals.


  • Eggs and Fish

Eggs and Fish, eggs

Fish and eggs contain a lot of protein neither are expensive or hard to get in Nigeria. Pregnancy leaves your skin overstretched and loose. Your body uses protein to bring your skin back to its normal shape after delivery, which is a good place to begin to regain your former shape.


  • Whole-grain foods

Whole grain oods to lose the baby weight, oats

In Nigeria, wholegrain foods like millet, oats, and corn are everywhere. And they are cheap, too.

These foods are good for Nigerian moms looking to lose the baby weight. They enrich your body with plenty of fibre and prevent additional weight gain.


While trying to lose the baby weight, be patient with yourself.

You have to be patient with yourself during the process of losing the baby weight. There is no other safe and healthy quick fix. Give it time.


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Source: Healthline

Written by

Lydia Ume