Beautiful messages for your long distance lover

Beautiful messages for your long distance lover

A love message for him long distance can significantly make your time apart more bearable. Here are 15 heartwarming messages for your partner when he is far away from you

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, but to believe that completely would be to believe a half-truth. Distance increases demand but if not fed and nurtured appropriately, the heart will grow yonder instead of fonder. The way to feed and nurture is to keep all channels of communication open and busy by sending love message for him long distance. People in long-distance relationships tend to work twice as hard as people who could reach out and touch each other in the morning. They can't plan on dinner dates randomly, can't go to the movies together on weekends. Only love and constant communication keep them going until they make out time to see each other. 

15 beautiful love message for him long distance

love message for him long distance

  1. Love is sometimes equated with pain. The unbearable pain of being without you must be the pain they refer to when they say that. I miss you terribly. 
  2. Darling, I hear your voice all around me, the ring of your laughter. I see the radiance of your smile. And these things keep me going in the hope that I will see you soon. I love you.
  3. The stars do not only exist to adorn the sky. When I look out my window on a starry night, I am reminded of how beautifully you make my life sparkle. Let's make more memories. 
  4. My darling, heaven knows I can't wait to see you again. My life has been a total drag in your absence, the distance so big a burden to bear. 
  5. Sometimes I smile unprovoked, even during the dullest parts of my days. Happens when I catch sight of you on inanimate objects and my heart sings with gratitude. I miss you.
  6. I just want to tell you of my undying affection for you. To let you know that no distance can change that. I love you. 
  7. A wise man once told me to make plenty of memories, for one never knows which ones stick with them forever. We have made so many memories, thankfully. And they keep me warm in bed at night. 
  8. Once, I was in search of happiness in my life, and you came along and made me believe that happiness has a radiant face and it can walk. 
  9. Come back soon, baby. It's never the same in your absence. I love you to the moon and back.
  10. I appreciate all the ways you make my life beautiful. The adventures you bring with you, the way you make me feel wanted and cared for. I miss you, babe.

5 More Messages

love message for him long distance

  1. I'm glad that after all this time our love has managed to weather every single storm despite the distance. Thank you so much for allowing me a space in your life.  
  2. Nights that shine bright with moonbeam are the nights when I am most reminded that you are under the same sky as I am. I miss you.
  3. I wish you were here on this night. Though your scent lingers and consoles me, though I wear your shirt to feel you close to me, yet nothing makes your absence any easier. I can't wait to hold you again. 
  4. Hello, baby. Even as you're not here with me right now, I think of being in your arms and I feel like the safest person on the planet. I love you.
  5. WhatsApp video calls and Skype are great but nothing can replace your tangible presence, the touch of your lips against mine. Let's continue to make do until we can jump into each other's arms. I miss you terribly.


You can always modify any of the messages to convey your feelings. 

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Lydia Ume