8 Effective Ways To Make Money As A Nigerian Student

8 Effective Ways To Make Money As A Nigerian Student

As a Nigerian student, making money on the side can help you cover expenses in school. These are genuine ways to make money and excel in your academics.

There are many reasons you might want to make money as a Nigerian student.  Earning extra money to add to your allowance is helpful. Also, you can cover some needs that parents might see as frivolous.

In the case of many Nigerian students, some requests to parents can rub off as odd. So, it is imperative for a Nigerian student to know how to make money genuinely.

But, venturing out to make money can end up being a very costly affair. Without proper time management, it might begin to adversely affect your grades. You don’t want your classmates to graduate, while you are left with a ton of carry-overs to rewrite. And you certainly don’t want to fail out of school.

How To Make Money As A Nigerian Student

One of the easiest ways to make money genuinely is online. This is because you have more control of factors like time and place. You don’t need to wake up and get through traffic just to get to some office downtown. And timing is flexible; you can wield it to your convenience so it doesn’t eat into your study time. That said, below is a list of viable online businesses that can be combined with schooling.


8 Genuine Ways to Make Money As a Nigerian Student


1.      Freelancing

freelancing sites

There are a lot of platforms and individuals looking for freelancers online. Platforms like People Per Hour, Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr, just to mention but a few. These platforms act as a kind of broker. Usually, they regulate the transaction between service providers and the buyers for a percentage. They have payment options that are as fast as they are safe. So, if you’re skilled at graphic design, writing, proofreading, etc., all you need to do is register with your details on any one of the aforementioned platforms and start earning money.


2.     Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing

You don’t necessarily need to have a product or services to sell to engage in affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing, you earn commissions through sales, whether monthly or otherwise. However, this is more lucrative if you have your own blog.  Then, you can share and advertise a company link and every time a sale is made you get a commission. This is made possible and effective through affiliate tracking.


3.     E-commerce Website.

E-commerce websites

This is similar to being a middle man. It is easy and hassle-free. There are many e-commerce websites like Jumia, Yudala, Konga, etc. These places allow you to list and sell products online. Dropshipping is another way to go. In simple terms, it is like taking someone’s orders and then going to the supermarket to get it for them, for a profit of course. But, with dropshipping, the orders are taken on your website and the products got from a third party.


4.     Sell Books and Stories Online.

Okada Books

Source: Ventures Africa

If you’re a creative writer this is especially for you. Okadabooks is one of the leading platforms in Nigeria that helps you do this. Write your best stories (fiction or nonfiction) and publish with them as e-books and you’re one download away from making money. Another platform that self publishes creative writers is Amazon.


5.     Virtual Tutoring

How to make money as a nigerian student Virtual tutoring

Source: Montgomery College

This is a chance to teach others any knowledge or skill you have acquired. You may not know it but there are dozens of people online looking to learn what you know. They are willing to pay, too! Tutoring platforms like Tutors NG allow you to create teaching materials through webinars and one on one tutoring.


6.     List on Property Websites

List on Property websites

In Nigeria, school environs are structured in a particular way. People build simple lodges around the school for the purpose of renting them out. New students who don’t want to stay in the hostel find themselves particularly hard-pressed for lodges to rent. Register yourself as an agent on property websites and post about available to-lets in your area. Jumia has a house and property section where you can easily do this.


7.      Start your own Blog or Vlog

Blogging or Vlogging will help you make money as a Nigerian student

With consistency, you can make money from blogging. Sharing new, refreshing, and specific content will see you definitely carve out a niche for yourself. This translates into more visitors who find your information or products useful. The more the traffic the more money you make. YouTube channels are there to be utilized for vlogging. With vlogging instead of writing you share content through video recording.


8.     Apps & Websites Testing

Apps beta testing make money as a Nigerian student

This is what you might call beta testing. Online companies need really people to test user experience on their websites or apps. This way company coders and developers can catch glitches that need fixing before launching for everyday users. Same goes for their products and services. It is an effective way to minimize customer satisfaction.





Easy and quick are relative terms. At first, venturing out may seem hard and slow. Maybe you were expecting instantaneous results and you were left disappointed. This can happen. But with some determination, you can find what works for you. To make money as a Nigerian student, it is important you focus on the genuine ways we have listed. These are not get-rich-quick schemes. They all require hard work and commitment. However, they are sustainable jobs and you can make money out of them.


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Written by

Lydia Ume