These Male And Female Differences In Behaviour Are Backed By Science

These Male And Female Differences In Behaviour Are Backed By Science

Do you ever wonder why people act the way they do? Or why women react differently to situations than man. This article on the differences in male and female behaviour will help you understand more

You don't have to dig too deep to find that there is a ton of scientific research, brain examination, evolutionary studies that show, on a comprehensive level, male and female differences in behaviour. One can say that the difference is almost on every level. Physically, emotionally, and otherwise. We react to our environment in different ways, hence the difference in behaviour. 

7 Male and female differences in behaviour 

Below are highlights on the difference in behaviour between male and females. 

  • Women are more verbally expressive than men

male and female differences in behaviour

Verbally, women express their emotions better than women. This isn't about social constructs or gender norms. This is a genuine ability on the part of women, a difference in the way their brain works. In a study, to analyse how girls and boys process emotions from age 7 to 17, experts used an MRI to note the difference. For the children emotions that were negative stayed in an area of the brain known as the amygdala, a part of the brain that is primitive. Amygdala has scarce connections with the cerebral cortex, the part responsible for reasoning and language. Little wonder children can't express themselves. 

However, for adolescents, negative emotions move to the cerebral cortex from the amygdala. But this movement only happens in girls. 

  • Men are more given to overestimating their ability

You may have noticed this one from real-life situations. A professor used workplace imbalance to evaluate this occurrence. Among a group of men and women who finished from the same university with the same degree, he discovered that the men earn way more than the women did on average. The chief cause of this is that only 7 per cent of women had the heart to demand for more money. While for men, 57 per cent of them asked for a raise and got it. Ask and it shall be given unto you. 

  • Men are physically aggressive while women are verbally aggressive 

male and female differences in behaviour

When men show aggression, as they are known to do, it is testosterone that almost always takes the blame for it. But this is not always the case. Studies have demonstrated this. Anger is now processed differently as we've advanced. The amygdala in males is bigger and it is responsible for aggression. While females have a larger prefrontal cortex, which is concerned with stopping aggression. 

  • Women are better than men at reading emotions

male and female differences in behaviour

How many times have you put on your suck-it-up face and come home only for your mum or sister to notice and ask what is wrong, while your dad or brother is sitting on the couch without a clue? Well, it doesn't just happen. Women are better at reading emotions we are trying to hide. 90% of the time woman pick up on your sad face, while men do only 40% of the time. That's why women always notice when a baby is in distress even when the baby has done little to show it. 

  • Men are more driven by sex than women

These Male And Female Differences In Behaviour Are Backed By Science

As far as you live in the real world, you must have come across a man at some point wooing a woman as though he depended on it. There's a popular joke in Nigeria how men turn to beggars begging their partners desperately for a minute of sex. That drive comes from the fact that men have double the brain space dedicated to sex. It is even higher in teenage boys. Their sex drive is three times more than their female peers. 

  • Men and women react to the cry of babies differently

These Male And Female Differences In Behaviour Are Backed By Science

Men are generally moved less by the cry of babies. You can prove this on your own at no cost. Visit the house of a couple with a newborn. Watch how they both react when the baby starts crying. It is not that the man doesn't react at all. He retains his calm and composed air while reacting. But the woman is absorbed by the crying. This is because for women there's a lot more activity in the part of the brain associated with pain and emotion. While there's less activation in men's brains. So they remain largely themselves when the baby is wailing. 

  • Men are the ones who fall in love at first sight 

Differneces in male and female behaviour

Some people believe that women are more likely to fall in love at first sight but that is not the case. When it comes to picking a lover, a woman's brain is designed to be more careful, takes more time to assess the potential lover. While a man is prone to make that choice quickly based on what he sees. When a woman is in love, parts of her brain responsible for intuition and attention have more activity. 


In all these differences between the behavioural patterns of men and women, there are anomalies. Anomalies are those who do not fall into any category in behaviours that differentiates. Whether male or female. This is a comparison on a more general scale. The male and female differences in behaviour might appear differently in people.

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Lydia Ume