The World's First Male Birth Control Will Soon Be Released

The World's First  Male Birth Control Will Soon Be Released

The world's first male birth control has passed all research steps and might be rolled out in six months. Men who have tested it reported no side effects.

It seems like Indian scientists have produced the world's first male birth control. Male contraceptives had been produced before now. They made it to clinical trials a few times in the US, but were called off because they had side effects unbearable for men. Besides vasectomies, all other birth controls cater to women, so this is a welcome development.

Indian scientists produce the world's first male birth control

male birth control

However, what is different about this particular male contraceptive is that it has already gone through a clinical trial. Over 300 clinical trial patients reported no side effects. The Hindustan Times has reported that the last thing is for the Indian equivalent of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to approve the birth control shot. Afterwards, men can start taking the contraceptive injection to their groin area. Amazingly, this will be first approved male birth control in the world, if it passes this last approval. Plus, it will provide an alternative for men.

male birth control

Dr RS Sharma told Hindustan Times that the product is ready, with only regulatory approvals pending with the Drugs Controller. Also, he said he's been working on a drug for a quarter of a century. While Dr Sujoy Kumar Guha produced the polymer that is used for the contraceptive over 37 years.

How does the male contraceptive work?

male birth control

Normally, sterilisation is the most popular form of contraceptive. It is performed on women using tubal methods while less than one per cent of sterilization procedures are vasectomies done on men. The contraceptive and vasectomy mostly used are ones that allow people the option to remove them if they change their minds. Also, Over 70 per cent of women that use contraceptives use forms that are not permanent. These include the pill, or patches, injections, and implants. This also shows that women use contraceptives more.

In the past, male contraceptives have never made it past clinical trial because of their side effects. But the team at the Indian Council of Medical Research have produced something with fewer side effects. First, men will be put under anaesthesia before they are given the injection. The injection will block off the tube that delivers sperm to the penis thereby, stopping fertilization. However, this will take 13 years before it wears off.

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