Man Granted His Last Wish To Be Buried On His Mattress Instead in Benue

Man Granted His Last Wish To Be Buried On His Mattress Instead in Benue

While we hear of people having a last wish as regards what they want or how they would love to be buried after they die, there are quite a few that are considered weird and somewhat bizarre. Well, brace up as you're about to read about a last wish that will leave your jaws hanging. A man from Benue state has become the talk of many people on social media after pictures from his burial ceremony surfaced online. While many people would expect to see a casket or the body wrapped in white clothes as is the case with some religions, this elderly man identified as Ajingir Tsa, was pictured being buried on a mattress, covered in bedspread.

The Real Gist...

According to a Facebook user identified as Aoraan Festus, this was the man's dying wish: to be buried with a mattress and not in a casket. The event took place in Konshisha local government area of Benue state.

The post immediately went viral, causing major reactions on social media. While some people weren't so surprised about it and considered it quite economical, others felt it had something to do with fetish beliefs.

We hope his soul finds peace. However, Tsa is just one among many people who have had unconventional burial ceremonies.

A Little Closer To Home

A while ago, we reported the news of how a man buried his father in a new BMW. Azubuike who is from Anambra state, recently lost his father and decided that he would honour his late father. He then decided to bury him in a luxurious car. One that would be used as a coffin, instead of the conventional coffin.

This is the story of Azubuike, an affluent Igbo man from Ihiala in Anambra. He buried his beloved father in a new BMW SUV.

His father reportedly passed away before the man could fulfill his promise to buy him an exotic car. So the Azubuike did this instead.

The picture which had since gone viral has sparked a debate amongst social media users with almost everyone condemning the act. One of the commenters however revealed that the picture might have been from a scene in a movie.

Also in Azubuike’s hometown, Ihiala, many rich men were born. To name some, they are the Eze Ego (King of Money). There's also Chief Victor Nnamdi Okafor, who both love collecting exotic cars.

In fact, this is not an unprecedented event. A similar event in 2015 witnessed an Enugu billionaire buried his mother in a new Hummer SUV as well.

Source: Facebook, Legit NG

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