45 Year Old Man Has Been Remanded For Allegedly Raping His teenage Daughter

45 Year Old Man Has Been Remanded For Allegedly Raping His teenage Daughter

A 45-year-old man has been remanded for allegedly raping his teenage daughter in Nigeria.

Rape has become a menace in Nigeria. More often than not you come across reported cases of rape every day on the internet. Even at that a lot of these cases aren't being reported. What is even more heart wrenching is the fact that babies, children, and teenagers are not exempt from the cruelty of rape. Recently, a 45-Year-Old man has been remanded for allegedly raping his teenage daughter.

This scourge doesn't seem to be slowing down. Instead, perpetrators are getting bolder, roaming the streets freely and preying on more victims.

In Nigeria, the culture of impunity is enabled by its very shoddy prosecution laws and silencing of victims. Most families would have the victim suffer in silence instead of encouraging them to tell their stories and help them seek legal recourse.

In the case of Durodola Kehinde, the law seems to be taking its course.

45 Year Old Man Remanded For Allegedly Raping His Teenage Daughter


An Iyaganku Chief Magistrates’ Court sitting in Ibadan on Wednesday, has ordered that Durodola Kehinde, a 45-year-old man who allegedly raped his 15-year-old daughter, be remanded in prison, pending legal advice.

The Senior Magistrate, Mrs. Patricia Adetuyibi did not take the plea of Kehinde but ordered that he be remanded in Agodi prison.

She ordered the police to duplicate the case file to the Oyo State Director of Public Prosecutions. Also, Adetuyibi adjourned the matter until October 8 for mention.

ASP Samod Aliu, the Prosecution Counsel, in the charge sheet, alleged that Kehinde raped his 15-year-old daughter.

Aliu alleged that Kehinde committed the offense between 2017 and 2019. The girl had been abused by her father since she was 13.

The offense contravened the provisions of Section 357 and is punishable under Section 358 of the Criminal Code of Oyo State 200.


What is Our Society's Response To Rape Cases In Nigeria? 

Rape is the worst form of violation and it has no place in society. But unfortunately, victims don't often get the justice they deserve. Most times parents, guardians, and society at large blame the victims instead of the perpetrators. They get questioned about their mode of dressing or why they were out so late. Or they get accused of fabricating the story. Victim blaming only serves to encourage a culture of silence.

The low number of rape convictions in Nigeria does not fill victims with confidence either. Though the Nigerian criminal code recommends life imprisonment for rapists and 14 years for attempted rape, getting a conviction is where the problem lies. It has been reported that only 18 men in Nigeria have been convicted of rape. With this disgraceful number, it is hard for victims to find the incentive to come forward.

Nonetheless, the first step is listening to victims. Not just hearing them but truly listening. In this way, they feel heard and seen. They feel truly supported. This will also encourage other rape victims who have been living in silence to come forward with their stories.

Furthermore, rape is a very traumatic experience and therefore victims should try to see rehabilitation experts. They can reach out to rehabilitation centers who are committed to helping rape survivors for free.


Lastly, parents should not dismiss their children's words as childish talk when they report being touched inappropriately by an adult.

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