Marathon Sex: Tips on how to keep going and going and going...

Marathon Sex: Tips on how to keep going and going and going...

Before you start asking your husband to try Viagra or Cialis, try extending your lovemaking the natural way with our tips and tricks. A better mindset, a healthy body and some breathing exercises may be all you need to achieve marathon sex.

Unless you're sixteen and working out, your sack sessions in the evening with your partner may be over in less than thirty minutes. You may also be having sex around twice a week, mostly on the weekends. Don't be alarmed, as this is quite normal.

Sex therapists say that there is no one answer to how often you and your partner should have sex. It all depends on how often the two of you want to make love. If engaging in a sex marathon is something both you and your partner want, then you should definitely do it!

How do you really do the Marathon Sex?

Having a sex marathon is exciting but can be very difficult. Depending on your age, physical condition and mental health, your lovemaking sessions can either be quite short and unfulfilling or draining and completely satisfying.

If you and your husband are planning a vacation, rekindling your sex life or simply want to last longer in bed, here's a list of "best practices" on how you can achieve multiple orgasms or last longer in bed for both you and your partner.

1. Keep fit

The best way to improve your stamina is to be physically fit. This means that you need to exercise, take your vitamins and eat well. When you feel great, you can enjoy sex more and be less distracted by aches, pains and fatigue.

The better physical condition you and your husband are in, the more positions you can do. You will also have more energy even after an orgasm.

2. Ask your man to eat more carbs before sex

If you plan these things, try going for carbs for dinner - both of you will burn them off anyway. Unlike proteins, carbs lower a man’s sexual arc and may help him last longer in bed.

3. Expect to enjoy

The amount of satisfaction you receive from lovemaking is directly proportional to how much you’re willing to enjoy the sex. If you or your partner aren’t interested or have a negative outlook on sex, even if you do last three hours or more, it's never going to be satisfying.

4. Lower your stress levels

This may sound like a closed loop, since some people have sex to lower stress. The thing is, you can’t enjoy sex or make use of your stamina during lovemaking if you’re stressed. Letting the world fall away and just enjoying your partner is one of the best ways to extend your bed play.

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5. Practice breathing exercises with your man

Try Triangle Breathing as suggested by Better Men’s Health. While this is mostly done to affect his arousal level, you also benefit in the end! Here's how:

  • Breathe in slowly for two to six seconds.
  • Hold the breath for the same amount of time (two to six seconds).
  • Exhale slowly for the same amount of time (two to six seconds).

6. Tell your man to help you reach the O first

Since we’re essentially worried about tiring him out, tell your partner to help you reach your orgasm first. He should focus on bringing you pleasure orally or manually before engaging in actual intervourse.

The foreplay can be great for helping his arousal level plateau as well, and set the mood for more control.

7. Switch positions

Don’t wait for the very last moment before his ejaculation to switch. When things get rougher and more erratic, ask to change positions to something calmer. You can switch between intense and gentler postions.

Start off with a missionary position and move to others. Keep in mind that doggie style can be over-stimulating, so avoid this if you want to prolong the intercourse. It’s an intense finishing position, though!

8. Use a condom

Using any condom desensitizes sex for your man, so you may want to use one at the start. Some condoms even go so far as coat your guy's dangly bits in desensitizing cream which further ensures longer sack sessions. When you two are ready to finish, you can always take the condom off and see him revel in the raw feeling.

9. Use herbal supplements

While not medically or scientifically-proven, you can bet your next paycheck that men and women have been looking for libido enhancers and stamina improvements even in ancient cultures.

Try looking at herbal supplements and see which ones, if any, will work for you. Don’t be afraid to ask your doctor about them or if they’re safe for you and your partner.

10. Role play your way to another one.

Consider role play as one way to keep the sexual drive going. Your partner may be able to give you more and concentrate on your pleasure when you've both "suspended your disbelief" and gotten in the zone for some teacher-student, boss-secretary or we-just-met situations.

More sex is never bad

Did you know that aside from increased sexual satisfaction, more sex can boost your immune system, lower your risk for heart attack, lessen the chances your man can get prostate cancer and lower your blood pressure?

You essentially burn four more calories per minute having sex than when you’re just watching television. So why don’t you and your partner skip the movie tonight and get your exercise and pleasure at the same time?

Have you ever had marathon sex with your partner? What did you do to prepare for it? Tell us in the comments and let's discuss!

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