COVID-19 Pandemic: Italian Couple Celebrate 50th Wedding Anniversary In ICU

COVID-19 Pandemic: Italian Couple Celebrate 50th Wedding Anniversary In ICU

In the end, love conquers all, including a deadly virus that's threatening to wipe out the world.

While a lot is happening to make the world sad, it seems there are also reasons to celebrate and keep the faith. It almost seems like the universe is telling us that things will be okay again one day. For while Italy records more deaths from the coronavirus pandemic than almost any other country in the world; an Italian couple celebrated 50 years of being married to each other while they recovered from COVID-19 in the ICU. And when you think your smile cannot be wider, two Nigerian couples got married during the coronavirus lockdown.

Celebrating Anniversaries And Getting Married During The Coronavirus Pandemic

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An elderly couple in a coronavirus intensive care unit; was able to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary with the help of staff and are now on the road to recovery. Sandra, 71, and husband Giancarlo, 73, have both been receiving treatment for the virus at the Murri Hospital in the east Italian region of Marche. The touching celebration was organised after rehabilitation nurse Roberta Ferretti, who had been working with the couple, heard they were due to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.

“Sandra cried a lot, not for herself – she was worried about her husband,” Ferretti told local media.

“He told me how much he still loved her, after so many years.

“When I found out that it was their anniversary, I thought they had to celebrate it.”


Ms Ferretti worked with other members of staff to arrange cakes and for the couple’s beds to be moved close enough together for them to hold hands. Photos showed staff in full protective gear surrounding the couple and making love hearts with their hands.

Local media reported that the couple is now recovering from the virus and are expected to be discharged together. The coronavirus has impacted millions around the world, but people over the age of 70 are known to be particularly vulnerable to it. The couple’s children, named Gianluca and Andrea, were sent a photo of the celebration and later thanked the hospital staff.

“We have received a fantastic gift,” they said.

“Sometimes, a miracle happens, like in this case.”

These Nigerian Couples Also Got Married During The COVID-19 Pandemic

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The coronavirus pandemic has forced many plans and events to be either postponed or cancelled; as the world battles to curb the deadly disease. However, a relentless couple went ahead with their wedding as they smartly used technology to their advantage; and decided to have an online wedding to give their family members the opportunity to ”attend”.

Twitter user @KiyaniBba, who is the younger sister of the groom, shared the story online. She wrote: ‘Today was my big bro’s wedding. Because of the virus, only the bride, groom and their witnesses were allowed in the room. As the official CTO of my family, I suggested that we set up a Zoom so that our relatives and friends could join us. I present you the first Zoom Wedding.

We had more than 45 people from France, CIV, Netherlands, SA, Calgary, etc. I muted everyone during the ceremony and recorded everything using zoom. People cried during the vows, at the end I unmuted them and all at the same time they applauded and congratulated the newlyweds’.

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Another couple In Taraba got married during the coronavirus in their living room.

According to the Facebook user, Tony Matinjah, the very low key nuptials was done; as a result of the statewide restriction of movement and social gatherings due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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