Hanover Park Shooting: Mum Dies Using Herself As Shield To Protect Children

Hanover Park Shooting: Mum Dies Using Herself As Shield To Protect Children

A mass shooting in Hanover Park has led to the death of a mum of 3. While trying to protect some kids during the shooting, she was hit by a stray bullet.

In Hanover Park on Sunday, a young mum named Gouwa Karriem died while shielding children during a mass shooting. She died after being hit by a bullet.

Mum dies while shielding children during a mass shooting in Hanover Park

People living between the Donegal and Algoa courts area reported that there had been shootings between the Americans and Ghetto Kidz gangs. According to residents, before 4PM, a group of shooters came into the courts and opened fire on women and children. This was when Gouwa Karriem ran to get children that were outside into the flat. A bullet hit her in the back of the head and she died.

mass shooting in Hanover park

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Afterwards, Gouwa Karriem’s relatives found her lifeless body in Donegal Court in the doorway of a council flat. Her family is still in shock. Her sister, Ashieqa Van der Westhuizen, received a call from a friend about the shooting and rushed home. “I was in Maitland and came back immediately. When I got there, her body was already covered and the blood was everywhere,” says the sister. “They told us she protected the children and that is how she was shot.”

Report On The Incident

Mihlali Majikela, a police spokesman, confirmed the news. He says circumstances surrounding the incident are still under investigation and no arrests have been made just yet. “On arrival officers found the body of a 28-year-old woman lying on the ground with a gunshot wound to the upper region of her body.”

mass shooting in hanover park

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Residents gathered at the Gouwa’s home on Monday to mourn with her family. Gouwa Karriem has three young children, who will now be raised without their mother. According to Ashieqa, her oldest son, Abdul Mueez is only eight years old and he is just quiet after hearing his mother is dead. Also, she has another six-year-old son, Mogamat Firaz, and a daughter, Imrah, only four-years-old.

Speaking further, Ashieqa says that the deceased was unemployed. Most of the time she walked to the shops for old people.

What experts say about mass shootings

mass shooting in hanover park

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Meanwhile, a UC Davis study by Garen Wintemute found a pattern in mass shootings. Victims of stray bullets are mostly women and children. Most people killed or wounded in stray bullet shootings do not have anything to do with the events leading up to the shooting. Nearly one-third of the victims are children and women. “Victims of stray bullets are essentially ‘collateral damage’ and are usually disconnected from the events that lead to their injury or death,” Wintemute said. “They are innocent bystanders who typically have no opportunity to flee or take any other preventive measures.”

Furthermore, Wintemute hopes that the findings will raise awareness of stray-bullet shooting. This should help lead to the expansion of preventive measures, such as “hot-spot policing.” This will involve increasing enforcement of firearm laws in areas with high levels of gun violence. “Given that these stray-bullet shootings are a byproduct of gun violence in general, it’s plausible that if you prevent the violence, you’ll prevent the stray-bullet shootings,” he concluded.

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