Video: Miss Nigeria Is Trending Globally For Her Heartwarming Reaction To Miss Jamaica Winning Miss World

Video: Miss Nigeria Is Trending Globally For Her Heartwarming Reaction To Miss Jamaica Winning Miss World

Nyekachi Douglas, Miss Nigeria could not contain her excitement when Jamaica's Toni-Ann Singh was announced the new Miss World.

Miss Nigeria recently won the hearts of many viewers from different parts of the world. This was after her reaction to the announcement of Miss Jamaica as the winner of Miss World 2019 pageant.

Miss Nigeria, Nyekachi Douglas was also in the top five and waiting for the winner of the event to be announced. She could not contain her excitement when Jamaica’s Toni-Ann Singh was announced as the new Miss World.

Miss Nigeria Has A Winning Attitude And Sportsmanship Spirit

Nyekachi Douglas recently took the internet by storm; she started winning people’s hearts because of her love for others. She seems to be the real winner for many.

When Singh was announced as the new Miss World, Douglas could not contain her excitement. She started to jump around and went on to hug Singh which almost looked like she had won the title.

This sweet gesture of Douglas made netizens from all over the world express their admiration for her.

Here are some of the tweets lauding Miss Nigeria.

Singh’s win means that for the first time, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, Miss America, Miss Universe and Miss World are all black women.
The internet cheered her on, but no one louder than Douglas, who was among the finalists.
The internet cheered Miss Nigeria as she gave the most adorable reactions to success. Twitter went all out to express how much they loved her reaction. She proved that it was an all-round win for black women all over the world.
“Absolutely amazing in all my years of watching never seen another queen this excited about someone else’s win,” one Twitter user commented. “#MissNigeria you are simply the best.”

Nyekachi Douglas Crowned Miss World Africa 2019

Nyeka, who had a pretty good run during the pageant made it to the top 5 finalists. As a result, she won the Miss World Africa title for being number 1 in Africa. The 21-year-old Public Health graduate replaced 2018 continental winner, who was Miss Uganda, Quiin Abenakyo.

She also won the top model in the world as her charity work brought her to the top 10 finalists at the pageant. Nyeka was part of the green team that won the sports competition at the Miss World beauty pageant. She made Nigeria and Africa proud at the pageant.

Here’s a list of all her achievements at the Miss World 2019 beauty pageant.

1. Miss World Africa

2. Miss World Top 5

3. Miss World top 10 model finalist.

4. Miss World sports competition (second place)

5. Finalist for the Miss World talent auditions.

6. Group 11 winner of the head to head challenge

7. Top ten Beauty With a Purpose (which is the highest recognition a contestant can achieve in Miss World).

Here’s wishing Nyekachi Douglas the absolute best! Don’t forget to be a Miss Nigeria to your friends in 2020!

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