Miss Universe Kenya 2019: Akothee's Daughter, Rue Baby Emerges First runner-up 

Miss Universe Kenya 2019: Akothee's Daughter, Rue Baby Emerges First runner-up 

Would you support your daughter;s modelling dreams?

Knowing African mothers and their conservational approach to upbringing and pretty much everything else in life, you'd be forgiven for thinking she would go through the roof for her daughter even daring to think she can walk down a runway dressed in skimpy outfits. And that is exactly what Rue Baby (real name Dion Okello) did, emerging Miss Universe Kenya First runner-up, having modelled in a pink bikini. Oh, and it gets better, for she had the complete support of her mother, who sat there smiling and rooting for her baby girl at the just concluded Miss Universe held on Sunday evening at Panari Hotel. Her mother's support was heartwarming.

Miss Universe Kenya 2019: Akothee's Daughter, Rue Baby Emerges First runner-up 

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After the event, there were those who did not approve as usual, but Esther Akoth, the controversial Kenyan singer also known as Akothee, was having none of it. She doubled down on her support for her daughter, whose photo she shared during the event soliciting votes from Kenyans for her daughter. Rue is Akothee’s second child, who came into the limelight in 2018 when she was voted the Face of Nivea. Since then, she seems to be going from strength to strength. 

After the Miss Universe event and it emerged that Rue is 1st runner-up behind Stacy Michuki, the delighted mother took to Instagram, recalling how the journey began: "Don't forget we started by voting her for the face of Nivea 2017," Akothee wrote. "She came to me and asked me 'Mum I know I am busy in school but I would love to join a competition going on online for university students. Can I join please?' I said, 'Go ahead, as long as you don't forget that you're a student then we're good to go. I will support you where I can. Just tell me what to do, and boom that our small beginning with your support. My fans are real."

The critics

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There were those who didn't like the revealing of skin involved in the selection processes. Some even going as far as saying that the daughter learnt from the mother. Akothee reserved a word for them. In a separate Facebook post during the event she wrote: 

"My friend, see my uterus, very very clean. This baby of mine should just walk naked. At your age, I was a mother of 3, only a disgrace to my parents, climbing all types of fence looking for boyfriends. 

Mom if walking in a bikini can help you run away from poverty, then get ready to rock a thong! Nobody can tell you shit. I, your Mother Esther Akoth has crowned your nakedness." 

Finally, Rue relished the moment, thank her well-wishers and those who supported her. She wrote on Instagram, "It was such a wonderful and memorable moment of my life, having shared the platform with these beautiful ladies. All the journey begins with just one step and I am grateful for having come this far. Of course not forgetting the major support and great wishes."


Too often the unconventional dreams of African children die because of the morality of parents. Also, their inability to get over their sense of morality and ownership to understand that their children are making their own personal journeys. And therefore reserve the right to choose.

There's something to be learned in Akothee's unwavering support for her daughter and the way she encouraged her to put school first. When parents support children to pursue their dreams, whatever that may be, that is a recipe for fulfillment and happy living. It is better they embark on these journeys with your support ad guidance.

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Reference: Psychology today

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Lydia Ume