2 Simple Techniques To Sabi Mix Cream For Dark Skinned Pipo

2 Simple Techniques To Sabi Mix Cream For Dark Skinned Pipo

Yu dey sure of qualiti wen yu make yur own cream. Now yur dark skin go shine pass before!

Many skin care products wen dey market get chemicals inside dem wen fit harm yu. Dis na why plenti pipo wan sabi how to mix cream for chocolate skin pipo by diasef. Dat way, dem go sabi wetin dey inside. No forget sey home made products dey healthi and e no go too cost yu money. So yu go get betta value, for less di price. Dis na wetin wan make us teach yu how to mix cream for chocolate skin pipo.

Yur  skin na gift wen moda nature give yu, so yu e good make yu take betta care of am. To use good body cream na betta way to care for yur skin. Dis na why e dey important if yu sabi mix cream for chocolate skin. Neva rush go buy things for market. E get things wen yu suppose do first, and we go write am for unda.

How To Mix Cream For Person With Chocolate Skinhow to mix cream for chocolate skin

Di first thing wen yu suppose do na to sabi di kine skin wen yu get. We gree sey yu get chocolate skin colour, but which skin type yu get? E dey veri important make yu sabi becos just becos one cream work for A, no mean sey e go work for B. Di skin type fit dey different, even if una get di same colour. See di different kine skin wen we get and how yu fit sabi dem:

  • Normal skin: no dey sensitive, get small pores and bright colour. E no dey dry or oily.
  • Combination skin: fit dey dry or normal for some part, while oda parts go dey oily. Di oily part fit be nose, forehead, and chin.
  • Oily skin: get wide pores and dey prone to blackheads, pimples, and oda blemish. Pipo wen get oily skin fit get dull or bright complexion.
  • Dry skin: no too dey elastic, and yu fit see wrinkles and lines for am.

Next, yu go find out which ingredients dey good for yur skin. Some ingredients dey work well with some kine skin type. Discova yur own,so yu fit add am for yur cream mixing project. For instance:

  • If yu get dry skin, add moisturizers like aloe-vera, cocoa butter, olive oil, or honey. Dem go help repair skin wen dey crack and reduce scar.
  • If yu get oily skin, use oil wen no go block yur pores like tea tree oil and essential oil wen get citric acid(lemon oil) inside am.
  • For dry skin, yu want ingredient like cucumber, aloe-vera, or rose water. Dem get cooling effect wen dey stop inflammation and discomfort. Milk or yogurt go help yu fight bacteria wen dey harmful, commot dead skin cells and moisturize yur skin.

If all dese too much for yu, make yu buy one of di best creams for dark skin instead.

How To Blend Cream For  Dark Skin

how to mix cream for chocolate skin

Homemade Natural Moisturizing Cream For Skin Wen Dey Glow
cream for dry skin

250 grams shea butter
6 tablespoons jojoba oil
20-30 drops orange essential oil (or other essential oil)

2 or 3 small airtight glass containas


1. Make yu wash and dry yur containa well. Also, make sure sey all di things wen yu wan use dey clean and dry.

2. Melt shea butter inside hot water so e go still get some lumps. Den use hand mixer for di shea butter till e don smooth. Di cream suppose dey white and thick. If di shea butter been don melt finish, put am for fridge make e solid back. Di cream suppose dey solid so yu go fit whip am.

3. Add jojoba oil and orange essential oil to di cream and use spoon take mix till e don smooth. Whip am with hand mixer till e dey creamy. Den put di cream for containa.

4. Put di cream for room temperature inside containa wen dey cova tight. E suppose dey good for some months.

Homemade Body Butter with Coconut Oil & Cocoa Butter
shea butter
3/4 cup cocoa butter
1/2 cup cold-pressed coconut oil
1/4 cup almond oil
10 to 20 drops of essential lavender oil (or another essential oil)


1. Clean and dry di containa wen yu wan use for di cream well so water no go dey inside. Make sure sey efiri thing wen yu wan use dey clean and dry.

2. Melt di cocoa butter and coconut oil inside warm water till e turn liquid. Commot am from di heat den mix am with almond oil. Put am for fridge make e cool for one hour.

3. Wen di mixture don thick small, commot am from fridge. Add essential lavenda oil to am, den use electric mixer take mix am. Use spoon take pack di cream enta containa.

4.Keep am for room temperature inside airtight containa. Dis cream fit keep reach 2-3 months.

Which of di recipe yu try? Give us feedback for di comment section.


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Written By AyeeSha

Translated By Anino Aganbi

Written by

Anino Aganbi