11 Mommy Influencers Who Show Us How To Be A Mom In Nigeria

11 Mommy Influencers Who Show Us How To Be A Mom In Nigeria

Want to know where to get beauty, health, cooking and parenting tips? We have compiled a list of mommy influencers in Nigeria, to make your job easier. Just by being, they show you what it means to be a mom in Nigeria, and excel at it.

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Sisi Yemmie. Source: Onobello

Mom In Nigeria: Top mommy influencers

1. Tinuke Atilade

mommy influencers in Nigeria

Tinuke Atilade of OliveTree Kits.

This mom in Nigeria Tinuke Atilade runs OliveTree Kits, an outfit that provides care bags for pregnant women. She deserves a spot on this list because she successfully runs a network where Nigerian moms can come together and talk about parenting. You can learn more about her on Instagram.

2. Daisy Parenting

Run by Daisy Umenyiora, Daisy parenting isn’t simply an award-winning Instagram page. It is the perfect resource for parents who want their children to excel in their academics. And there’s more: she also uses storytelling to convey morals and ideas to young and older audiences.

If you want counseling and parenting advice, then reach out to Daisy.

3. Parenting by Design

The platform Parenting by Design is unique for her style and approach. Parenting coach, Ijeoma Uba, is the brain behind this platform. She is a trained teacher with an M.Ed. She promotes discipline and a Godly upbringing. In her opinion, every parent is God’s agent.

Make the most of her parenting tips, motivation content, testimonies, products and education advice. All you have to do is follow Parenting by Design on Instagram.

4. Wives and Mothers

Wives and Mothers makes it to our list of mommy influencers in Nigeriabecause of the popularity of the platform. This influencer focuses on providing safe communities on social media. What kind of support can women get on wives and mothers platforms?

This mom in Nigeria provides education, empowerment tips, inspiration and entertainment. The topics range from diet to health, cultural values to social justice issues. They also help women get back into shape after childbirth and breastfeeding.

Want to make your marriage and career work? Follow Wives and Mothers on Instagram.

5. Fabmumng

mom in nigeria

Jayne A. of Fabmumng. Source: fabmumng.com

Jayne A., the brain behind this parenting blog, is a big-time advocate for self-care for mums. She believes that taking care of your self is not selfishness. You can follow her on Instagram.

6. Blazers & Baby | Career Mum🇳🇬

This platform, run by Osemhen Okenyi, is best suited for career moms who want to excel at both work and parenting. They offer effective tips on blending work and life.

Get expert advice from professionals. Learn from the experiences of mothers who have been there. Working mothers from all over the world will learn about nutrition, pregnancy, fashion and other aspects of career and motherhood. Click to follow their Instagram page.

7. Sisi Yemmie

Mom of two Yemisi Odunsanya started her health and lifestyle blog a few years ago, but it has become a hub for getting parenting tips, beauty hacks and much more. There’s no way to create a list of mommy influencers without including Sisi Yemmie. Check her out on Instagram!

8. Tito Idakula

Most people know Tito as musician Bez Idakula’s wife, but she wears many hats. Recently, she published her book ‘Royalty’ which documents her pregnancy and the death of her first child. Now a mother of two, Tito’s Instagram followers know her for offering tips on how to raise Godly children.

9. Adorable Mums

Odira Okwuagwu is proud mom of 2 adorable children. Her Facebook group Adorable Mums has hundreds of thousands of members. She successfully runs a platform where moms can share parenting concerns and get advice from others. She definitely deserves a spot on this list of mommy influencers in Nigeria.

10. Diary of an Abuja Mum

Diary of an Abuja Mom follows the life of an Abuja-based stay-at-home mother. She shares lifestyle and parenting tips with women all over the world.

11. The Mum Zone

As the title suggests, The Mum Zone caters to millennial mums who need some helpful parenting tips. Single mums, first-time mums and every mom in Nigeria can converge to discuss their challenges and their joys.

Gone are the days when mothers let themselves go. Nowadays, mothers do their best to stay in shape, maintain healthy diets and dress fashionably.

If you’ve got a thing for fashion and elegance, subscribe to The Mum Zone.

Final thoughts on 11 mommy influencers in Nigeria

Mother’s day is celebrated on different days in different parts of the world but mother’s day really is every day. We curated a gallery of 11 young Nigerian mothers whose styles are inspiring and super-refreshing. There is so much beauty and power in seeing women juggling kids, managing homes and chasing their dreams, especially as entrepreneurs and doing it all in style!

Check out our gallery of mommy influencers in Nigeriaand be sure to share with us how you keep your style fresh even as a busy mother.

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