This mum breastfeeding her baby while taking an exam is truly inspiring!

This mum breastfeeding her baby while taking an exam is truly inspiring!

Midway through taking an important exam, this 25-year-old mum of three stopped to breastfeed her little one.

Mums, remember this, no matter what anyone says, you can be a devoted mum while pursuing your ambitions in life. This Afghan mum breastfeeding while taking a university exam is living proof of that.

Afghan mum breastfeeding while taking an exam travelled over six hours to get to the university!

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Jahan Taab, 24, is a mum of three from Miramar District in Afghanistan. This devoted mum travelled over six hours with her small baby in tow just to take the university exam!

The entrance exam, also known as the Kankor exam, would guarantee her a spot in the social science course at Nasirkhosraw Higher Education Institute in Nilli city.

Midway through the important exam, her two-month-old baby started crying. Knowing that her little one was hungry, the mum then took a spot on the floor where she could breastfeed while continuing to take the exam.


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Afghan mum breastfeeding while taking exam inspires classmates and the world

A lecturer of the university named Yahya Erfan could only marvel at the amazing devotion of the mum. So he snapped a photo of her while monitoring the exam.

He later posted it on his Facebook account, praising her for being a loving mum while taking steps towards a better future.

"It was amazing and all of the classmates were in admiration of her," Erfan later told CNN in an interview.

What's even more inspiring is that she managed to pass the Kankor exam, Erfan happily reported.


However, the mum of three whose husband works as a farmer also comes from a "poor family." Because of this, she will struggle to fund university fees, which can amount to about 10,000 to 12,000 Afghan Afghani (S$190 to S$230).

But there's hope! The Afghan Youth Association has decided to do their part to help. The British organisation has put up a GoFundMe page to raise enough funds to help put this dedicated woman through school.

Inspirational mums like her from around the world

Like Taab, mums have shown time and time again how nothing can keep them from fulfilling their duties as mothers, and dreams and ambitions as women.

One woman, much like Taab, showed how devoted she was to building a future for her baby even before she became a mum — she finished her college final exam while in labour!

Another mum proved that no amount of pain could keep a mum from comforting her little one. Even after getting into a car accident, she continued to nurse her baby even though her leg was visibly broken.

Truly amazing!

So here's to mums around the world, who prove that nothing can stop a loving parent from building the life they dream of for the love of their families!

Source: CNN, BBC

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