11 Hilarious And Relatable Confessions From Twitter Mums

11 Hilarious And Relatable Confessions From Twitter Mums

These mummy confessions from Twitter are about as real as parenting gets. They will make you laugh, and you'll relate with at least one tweet or two.

If you're a mum, you're as close to superhero status as it gets. Sometimes, though, it's tough wearing that cape. Especially when the cape is covered in teething drool, baby milk, and applesauce. In sharing these priceless yet exasperating "mummy moments," women have taken to Twitter. The result is the funniest and, perhaps, most relatable hashtag the Internet has seen yet: #MomConfession. Seriously, scroll through these and try not to laugh. Okay, do laugh, but don't laugh too loud. You wouldn't want to wake up your toddler from that sacred nap. We've included 11 of the most hilarious mummy confessions below.

Check out these absolutely hilarious mummy confessions:

11 Hilarious And Relatable Confessions From Twitter Mums

1. Timing your kid's sugar high 100% perfectly is 100% genius.


2. Mom by day, roving spirit by night


3. Better dead than clean vomit


4. Awww...give yourself some credit mama


5. Anything for a bout of silence


6. What's mummy life without some bra filling?


7. The 20-minute revival



8. The Olympics Games needs a pooping category already


9. Bedtime couldn't possibly come quick enough




11. Genius!


So this beautiful mummy cape, we agree sometimes gets a little too heavy for your shoulders. What do you do then? How do you cope? Motherhood is a never-ending journey, so coping is not negotiable. Here are a few ideas for coping with the often excessive demands of motherhood.

8 Things To Do When You're Overwhelmed By Motherhood

11 Hilarious And Relatable Confessions From Twitter Mums

1. Brain dump

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the thoughts in your head, just to dump them out of your brain and on paper. Grab a pen and paper and just start writing. Don’t worry about the order or number of things that come spilling out—just let them splatter onto the page and give your brain a little bit of SPACE.

2. Sift

Once you’ve finished your brain dump, it’s time to sift through it all to find the essentials. Ask yourself: What do I truly need to do right now for myself and my family?

Sifting is different from prioritizing; sifting is about survival mode. Again, if the stressors of motherhood have triggered survival mode in your body, then you need to show your body you are going to do what you must to survive—physically, mentally, and emotionally.

3. Single task

Have you read all the research about how multi-tasking isn’t really a thing? While it is bad for your well-being any time, it’s even worse when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

So repeat to yourself: One. Thing. At. A. Time.

4. Clean up

Not metaphorically. Literally! Study after study is proving that clutter = stress.

For some immediate relief, take 15 minutes to de-clutter the space immediately around you. The room you’re in, or even just the few feet surrounding you. Later, look into simplifying and minimizing your lifestyle so that there’s less stuff to junk up your space in the first place.

5. Do a digital detox

When you’re overwhelmed, all of your digital devices are more likely to further harm than help. Take a deep breath and step away for as long as you can. Remember what it’s like to live without constant access to a camera, email, and social media.

6. Don’t overanalyze it

Sometimes when we’re overwhelmed by motherhood, we launch into an existential crisis.

What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I handle this? I do love being a mom, don’t I? Then why do I feel like this??? Sure, there’s a time and a place for analyzing the course of our lives, but it isn’t from the deep pit of distress. Stop the spiral, and remember that every parent gets overwhelmed sometimes. You’re not alone. What you’re experiencing is normal, and will pass.

7. Go outside

Double the time you spend outside. There’s something about being outdoors that brings perspective. Big emotions feel more manageable. Big problems seem more solvable—or at least smaller. Research shows that going for a hike can actually counter feelings of hopelessness and depression. If a hike is doable for you right now, awesome! But even if it isn’t, you can still step outside your front door and get a few minutes of fresh air therapy.

8. Ask for help

Too often, we try to maintain the perfect facade of having it all together even when we’re crumbling inside.  It’s time to knock that off! Let's get real with each other so that we can help one another. So ditch the shame, and be honest with someone you trust about how you’re feeling.

You’ve got this, mama.

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