Music For Your Baby In The Womb

Music For Your Baby In The Womb

A developing baby starts hearing sounds in your second trimester. But does playing music for baby have any benefits in the womb? Read more...

As your pregnancy progresses, you may feel the urge to speak to the baby growing in your womb. Some mothers-to-be sing lullabies or read stories as well. Others play classical music in an effort to boost brain development. Many encourage their partners to communicate with the baby too.

Music might be able to soothe your baby, even before birth. But don’t go putting earphones on your belly just yet. Mom’s voice may be all a baby needs to hear. Your tiny companion is listening to your voice long before you see each other. Developing babies likely start hearing sounds in the second trimester, but they really begin to respond to various noises during the final trimester. As you talk, sing, or read aloud, your voice vibrates and amplifies inside your body. It’s an effective system, and doctors say it's much more efficient than putting earphones on the belly. Any healthy activity that you enjoy or find relaxing while you are pregnant will have a positive effect on your baby. Also, if you sing along while you listen to music, your baby hears your voice and gets familiar with your voice and your taste in music.

Should I play music for my developing baby?

As for classical music, there’s no evidence that it will improve a baby’s IQ. But there’s no harm in playing music for your baby. In fact, you can continue with the normal sounds of your daily life as your pregnancy progresses. And you can sing to your baby to have him get familiar with your voice.

Prolonged noise exposure may be linked to fetal hearing loss. But the jury is still out on all the other effects. If you spend a lot of your time in an especially noisy environment, consider making changes during pregnancy to be safe. But the occasional noisy event shouldn’t pose a problem.

What should I play for my baby-to-be?

Is any particular music better for baby? Doctors say simple tunes are best, but nearly anything you enjoy is just fine. The key is to listen because you like it.

If you’re stumped for good tunes, there are a number of playlists on music websites that people have curated just for pregnancy. Some focus on music for meditation, some focus on positive pop music. The options are endless.

For some soothing music you and your babe-to-be will both love, tune into our womb-friendly playlist.

Want To Create A Playlist? Take Your Pick From The Songs Below

Kuchi Kuchi by Jodie

Music For Your Baby In The Womb


Kuchi Kuchi (Oh Baby) is an afro R&B song recorded by Nigerian singer-songwriter J’Odie, and was released as a single in late-2010.

The zouk-flavoured song, written by the songstress, talks about the unconditional love a mother has for her child.

Listen or Download Here


Lullabies From Mother Africa

Music For Your Baby In The Womb


An enchanting collection of beautiful, soothing melodies
In 2005 African Cream Music launched the African Cream Kidz label. The music captures the beautiful songs and tales of Mother Africa and shares them with children across the globe.

Download or Listen Here.



African Lullaby from Birdland

Music For Your Baby In The Womb

Relaxing african music for your baby. This song will help your baby to sleep even in the womb! And you just might find yourself snoozing too. Sweet Dreams!

Download or Listen Here.



Blue, by Beyonce

Music For Your Baby In The Womb

World renowned pop artist, Beyonce wrote this song expressing her love for her first child, Blue Ivy. This soulful ballad will give you and your baby even more reasons to bond before baby comes.

Download or Listen Here.



To Zion by Lauryn Hill

Music For Your Baby In The Womb

Lauryn Hill's "To Zion" is about the artist's son and her decision to have him when others in the music industry urged her to have an abortion.

Download or Listen Here.

More Songs

1. " Sweetest Devotion" by Adele.

2. " Speechless" by Alicia Keys (featuring Eve)

3. " I Hope You Dance" by Lee Ann Womack.

4. " My Baby" by Britney Spears.

5. " Lovin' You" by Minnie Riperton.


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