My husband ignores me sexually, what should I do?

My husband ignores me sexually, what should I do?

If my husband ignores me sexually is your personal cry for help, then you may need some help to get back the missing spark in the bedroom.

Reasons why sex there is no sex in your marriage

Instead of feeling bad about the fact that your husband is no longer interested in you sexually, you should find out why you are now in a sexless marriage. Once you know where your problem stems from, you will know the steps you need to take to fix it.

These are some of the sex killers in marriages:

1. Stress and fatigue

If you frequently Google the phrase my husband ignores me sexually, maybe you need to take a long hard look at his stress levels. The stress might not be coming from the home front; it could mean that he is putting in too many hours at work, which would make him return home too tired for sex.

my husband ignores me sexually

2. Insecurity

Your husband could also be avoiding sex because he feels insecure about having sex with you. Do you put in the effort to show him that you are enjoying having sex with him? He could withdraw if he feels that he doesn’t do anything for you sexually.

3. Unresolved conflict

Sex can feel a bit robotic when you’re mad at each other. The longer you let resentment and quarrels linger, the worse it will become. You can admit that resentment will cut down your enjoyment of sex or even end it altogether.

my husband ignores me sexually

4. Criticisms and lack of diplomacy

You can change your song from my husband ignores me sexually to my husband can’t enough of me if you know how to present your hang-ups. It is important to learn how to phrase your dissatisfaction. If there is anything you want him to do for you sexually, you are free to speak up, but if you don’t phrase the issue well, it could become a problem.

My husband ignores me sexually – how to remedy the situation?

The spark can return to your matrimonial bed, but you’ll need to put in some work!

my husband ignores me sexually

Here’s how you can get your husband to become interested in you sexually:

1. Talk about it

You have to acknowledge that you have a problem before you try to go about solving it. Chances are your husband might not even be aware that he isn’t giving you enough attention sexually. Tell him how you really feel, but remember to keep the conversation civil.

2. Hear what he has to say

Now that you have told him about your sexual frustration, you have to hear what his issues are. Remain calm and listen to him. Try not to cut in until he is done talking. You both can find a solution to whatever problems he is facing.

3. Try to reconnect

Reconnection will not be easy, especially if sexual desire has been gone for a while. Work to get back emotional intimacy. Check on each other throughout the day. Sit down and talk about how your day went. From there you can renegotiate physical intimacy. Make an appointment for sex, hopefully the sense of anticipation will revive your relationship.

4. Your partner should know your fantasies and what turns you on

In the case where you feel my husband ignores me sexually, the problem could be that he doesn’t know what turns you on. Take the time to tell him your most erotic fantasies and have fun planning to carry it out.

5. Let love fill your home

Creating a peaceful, loving environment will increase your chances of intimacy with your husband. Sex will happen if the environment is conducive, so make an effort!

In conclusion, it is possible to change your marriage from a sexless union to a union filled with love. You just need to follow these tips to bring back the passion. Hopefully, you and your husband will be tearing the clothes off of each other in no time!

Resource: The Guardian

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Julie Adeboye