How To Make Naija Toast Bread For Two Ways

How To Make Naija Toast Bread For Two Ways

See how yu fit make naija toast bread for house even if yu no get sandwich maker.

Pipo wen love bread fit chop bread for morning, aftanoon and night if yu leave dem. Naija toast bread dey nourishing and simple to make. If yu use sandwich maker, grill pan or fry pan, yur toast bread fit no take reach ten minutes before e ready. See how yu fit make naija toast bread.

How to make Naija toast bread

how to make nigerian toast bread

E no get wetin yu no fit spread for yur bread and na becos of dat na im make bread lovers no fit resist toast bread. Yu fit no get oda ingredients to use for am but no forget sey bread na bae any time. Interestingli enuf, yu fit use toast bread take do breakfast, snacks or appetizer.

Use Toaster For Naija Toast Bread

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  • 4 Bread slices
  • 1 Egg
  • 2 Sardines
  • Lettuce
  • Butter or margarine


  • Heat yur toaster till di light off.
  • Spread butter or margarine for one side of yur bread.
  • Dip yur slice of bread inside egg wen yu don whisk.
  • Put di bottom part of di bread for grill make yu add anything wen yu like. Den cova am with di second slice.
  • Close yur toaster. Wen yur bread don turn brown, yur toast don readi.

Naija toast bread with frying pan

how to make nigerian toast bread


  • 6 slices of bread
  • 2 eggs
  • 100ml milk
  • 2tsp sugar
  • 1tsp butter for frying
  • Sugar, honey, jam for serving


  • Whisk egg for bowl. Add yur milk and sugar den whisk again.
  • Put butter for hot frying pan make e melt. Den put di two sides of yur slices of bread inside di egg mix.
  • Fry di two sides of yur slice bread till e don brown. Add more butter if di pan don dey dry.
  • Yu fit garnish with sugar, honey or any oda thing wen yu like.

To give yur toast betta taste, yu fit add vanilla flavour and ground nutmeg to di egg.

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Sources: Nigerian Diet

Written By Lydia Ume

Translated By Anino Aganbi

Written by

Anino Aganbi