Names For Boys And Girls That Mean A New Beginning

Names For Boys And Girls That Mean A New Beginning

Here are baby names that mean a new beginning has started for you. This names represents a fresh meaningful start in the baby and parent's lives.

A new year brings with it new dreams and new opportunities. So also, a child's birth signifies a new beginning. If you want your child to bear a name that states that circumstance, here are some names that denote a new beginning.

Names that represent a new beginning

Below are beautiful names that mean new beginning.

For Girls

girl names for new phases

  1. Amaryllis

In Greek, Amaryllis is a name for pure pastoral beauties. In translation, it means ‘new and fresh '.

  1. Anastasia

Anastasia is a name of Russian origin, which means ‘resurrection or rebirth’.

  1. Ausra

Just like the name Aurora, Ausra means ‘dawn’, which is a time at which the day is still new and just breaking.

  1. Fatiha

Fatiha is a name of Arabic origin that is popular in the Middle East and some African countries. The name means ‘beginning or first.’

  1. Neoma

Neoma is a name taken from Naomi, and though it used to be rare in usage, recently it made a comeback. The name means ‘new moon’.

Names for girls

  1. Renee

The name Renee is popular because a certain American actress Renee Zellweger bears it. Renee means ‘reborn’.

  1. Roxanna

This name was first used in Europe before it spread to other English speaking countries in the 1960s. Roxanna means ‘dawn’.

  1. Sahar

This name was first heard in countries in the middle east but has since spread to the US, India, and Pakistan. Sahar means ‘morning, dawn, or awakening’.

  1. Zerlinda

This beautiful Hebrew name is used by many celebrities. Zerlinda means ‘beautiful dawn’.


For Boys

Names that mean a new beginning has come

  1. Asier

This name is quite popular in Spain, where it makes the top 100 list. Asier is pleasant to the hearing and it means ‘the beginning’.

  1. Arata

Arata is of Japanese origin and is popular for being an unusual and unique name. The name is connected to some well known Japanese figures. It means ‘new or fresh’.

  1. Fresco

The name Fresco is mostly used as a surname, but in recent times people have begun to use it as a first name. Fresco is an Italian word for ‘fresh'.

  1. Irvin

The name was originally used as Irving but has since lost the ‘g’ word, which makes it sound even better. This unique name means ‘fresh’.

  1. Neo

Neo became even more popular when Keanu Reeves used it in the “The Matrix.” Neo means ‘new,’ but in the African context it means ‘gift.’

  1. Ordell

If you are planning to go old fashioned with your son's name, the name Ordell means ‘beginning’.

  1. Tan

At the moment, Tan is popular in Vietnam for being short and sweet. So if short and sweet is what you're looking for, then Tan is for you. It means ‘new’.

A new beginning means different things to different people since we are all on very different journeys. But as far as they go, these names are about starting afresh from somewhere or the beginning of something new.

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